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Get Your Data Geek Badges Today!


Lumira needs your help in her battle against the Lord of Dark Data. We believe everyone has a unique data story to share.

In the early BI days, the Data Geeks would use their primitive analytical tools to uncover answers and share their knowledge with others. But with data growing in leaps and bounds and becoming more complex, the Data Geeks struggled to keep pace with these new challenges. Chaos reigned, as a new enemy of data in various sources and structures emerged, one later known as the Lord of Dark Data. (Watch the official trailer.)

Enter Lumira, who jumps in, hoping to help the Data Geeks regain control by ridding the world of dark data. She soon realizes that it is impossible to win this quest on her own. She will need to enlist the full support of the Data Geek Squad.

Join the Data Geek Squad!

Support Lumira by participating in the Data Geek Challenge! This challenge is a movement by the data community to discover and tell the most compelling stories using data. New data visualization technologies allow us to uncover value from our data and discover new meaning. We encourage you to leverage these tools to turn data into meaningful and actionable insights. Join the movement today!

Data Geek Missions and Badges

To help guide you through the rigorous Data Geek Challenge journey, we worked hard with the SCN Gamification team to create a series of special Data Geek missions and badges. (Special thanks to @Audrey Stevenson, Former Member, @Jodi Fleischman, and @Laure Cetin for helping to make this happen! Check out Former Member blog We're LIVE with #SCN Gamification! #SCNGameOn to learn more about SCN gamification.)

Mission 1: Accept the Data Geek Challenge

First things first, we want the Data Geeks to be able to easily identify their teammates and know all who are truly committed to clearing this world of dark data. Join in the fun and earn this special Data Geek Badge by:

  1. Visiting the document “How to Join Data Geek 2.0” and learn how you can participate.
  2. “Bookmarking” the page as your commitment to join this quest.

Mission 2: Share your Data Geek Knowledge (Prerequisite: Mission 1)

This mission is all about sharing your knowledge and awesome data story with the community. What were the steps that you took to uncover meaningful insights from your data set? Which powerful tool or combination of tools did you use? What are your special tips and tricks on how to make the most out of SAP Lumira & SAP Predictive Analysis? The community wants to learn from you!

Earn this Data Geek badge by:

  1. Writing a blog post in the SAP Lumira space to describe the process that you went through to create your data story (with screen shots and/or videos). Be sure to tell us how you did your part to clear the world of dark data and discover interesting insights for the Data Geek Challenge.

Need help figuring out how to fully leverage the power of your tools? Check out these official product tutorials for SAP Lumira and SAP Predictive Analysis.

Mission 3: Become a Member of the Data Geek Squad (Prerequisite: Mission 1 & 2)

Now that you have accepted the Data Geek Challenge AND followed through by sharing your data story with the community, officially join the squad by completing this submission form. To welcome you to the team, we will send you a limited edition Data Geek 2.0 Rise of Dark Data T-shirt (while supplies last). Submit your Data Geek entry soon. We cannot wait to see it!

Message to All Data Geeks

We encourage everyone to actively participate and work together as a community, supporting each other’s efforts in uncovering value from their own data:

Stay tuned for the next Data Geek missions and badges.

Please let us know in the “Comment” section if you have any questions. We can’t wait to see your submissions!

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