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Compliance Declaration - Getting Started


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What is the compliance declarations scenario?

The compliance declaration scenario of SAP Product Stewardship Network enables you to exchange product declarations that provide information on compliance with the substance-related regulations EU RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) and REACH SVHC (Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals – Substances of Very High Concern) with your business partners.

At whom is the compliance declarations scenario aimed?

The compliance declaration scenario is aimed at discrete manufacturers of electrical, electronic, and other products for which these manufacturers would like to receive compliance declarations from their supply chains. In addition, this scenario supports all suppliers in providing product declarations in a standardized format to all of their customers or ones they select.

What are the benefits of using the Compliance Declarations scenario?

  • Significantly reduce the risk of non-compliance of your products with EU RoHS and EU REACH SVHC regulations
  • Quickly access all product declarations you have sent and received (supports audits)
  • Automatically receive notifications when regulations and declarations are updated
  • Suppliers can easily create and provide product declarations based on continuously updated substance lists (service of SAP Product Stewardship Network).

What content does the compliance declarations scenario use?

Declarations on SAP Product Stewardship Network are based on the current versions of the EU REACH SVHC substances list and the EU RoHS substances and exemptions document. The China RoHS and REACH Annex XIV documents are also available on SAP Product Stewardship Network for import into SAP EHS Management.

How does the compliance declarations scenario work?

As a manufacturer of discrete products, you can do the following on SAP Product Stewardship Network:
  • Receive compliance declarations regarding EU RoHS and EU REACH SVHC from your suppliers
  • Provide environmental product compliance declarations to customers
  • Search for business partners and components
  • Support supplier outreach programs with a structured, community-based approach

To be able to do all of this, first register your company account on SAP Product Stewardship Network, connect to your suppliers and customers, and start sending and requesting declarations. Registration for the basic edition is free of charge and takes only 10 minutes. Link to registration

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