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Overview - SAP Product Stewardship Network


Key Topics


What is SAP Product Stewardship Network?

SAP Product Stewardship Network is a cloud application that enables you to build business connections with your supply chain partners for the exchange of product compliance data, company sustainability information, and conflict mineral information.

At whom is SAP Product Stewardship Network aimed?

SAP Product Stewardship Network is aimed at companies which would like to drive supply chain management in order to avoid risks and to comply with the ever-changing regulations on their product production and origin.

What content does SAP Product Stewardship Network use?

SAP Product Stewardship Network uses different content for each of its scenarios:
  • Sustainability assessment scenario : pre-defined KPIs that were developed by TSC® experts to assess the environmental and social impact of different product groups
  • Compliance declaration scenario: the current versions of the EU REACH SVHC substances document and the EU RoHS substances and exemptions document
  • Conflict minerals scenario: the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template created by the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition® (EICC®) and the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI).

What are the benefits of using SAP Product Stewardship Network?

  • Manage the complex network of suppliers and distributors efficiently and effectively
  • Increase margins by reducing the cost of compliance and integrating safety into daily operations
  • Avoid brand and revenue damage by ensuring compliance
  • Improve product sustainability by gaining visibility to sustainability issues in your supply chain
  • Provide sustainability information  to your customers based on the sustainability assessments

What are the different scenarios for?

Each scenario enables you to work with business partners in a different way and you can user one or more scenarios. All three scenarios share the same company network.

Visit the different scenarios’ "Getting Started" page to learn more:

Sustainability Assessment: Exchange structured information about sustainability performance topics with your business partners – free of charge for the basic edition.

Compliance Declaration: Generate, provide, or request product compliance declarations based on regularly updated regulated substances lists available through the SAP Product Stewardship Network (REACH and RoHS) - free of charge for the basic edition.

Conflict Minerals: Exchange compliance data regarding conflict minerals with your supply chain partners, collaborate with other product compliance engineers and experts, and improve your relationship with your supply chain regarding conflict minerals compliance - free of charge for the basic edition.

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