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SAP Product Stewardship Network

Sustainability Assessment - Get Started


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What is the sustainability assessment scenario?

The sustainability assessment scenario of SAP Product Stewardship Network enables you to exchange surveys with your business partners in order to analyze the sustainability of the product portfolio provided by your suppliers or report the sustainability of your own product portfolio to your customers.

At whom is the sustainability assessment aimed?

The sustainability assessment scenario of SAP Product Stewardship Network is aimed at companies that want to evaluate their suppliers based on pre-defined KPIs that were developed to by experts at The Sustainability Consortium® to assess the environmental and social impact of various product groups.

What are the benefits of using the sustainability assessment scenario?

  • Use scientifically developed questionnaires from an experienced and international multi-stakeholder consortium
  • Collect sustainability information from your suppliers
  • Evaluate your suppliers’ score and ranking
  • Save time and costs in analyzing your supply chain
  • As a supplier, immediately see your performance after completing a questionnaire
  • Connect to your suppliers and customers and gain access to companies already on the network

What content does the sustainability assessment scenario use?

The solution supports category-specific questionnaires that were developed by The Sustainability Consortium (TSC®), a multi-stakeholder group of global academic, business, and nongovernmental leaders who are developing tools and science-based measurement and reporting systems to transform products and supply chains. You can also create your own questionnaires and use them in surveys.

How does sustainability assessment scenario work?

A company can register on SAP Product Stewardship Network and invite its suppliers to the platform. Suppliers can then easily register themselves and create their company profiles.  Customers can create their own questionnaires and send them to their suppliers. Suppliers then receive the questionnaire on SAP Product Stewardship Network, where they can respond to it electronically. Afterwards, customers can analyze their suppliers' scores and answers and compare the performance of the various suppliers participating in the survey.

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