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SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

Design Studio 1.1 Full List of CSS classes (?)


Hi all,

there are a lot of documents and blogs around css classes in Design Studio 1.1 already in SCN. The most important from my point of view are

Most of them handheld the classes around the crosstab component. I wanted to see if there are other things to play with.

So I opened an application in IE9 clicked on F12 like discribed in the blogs above. Within the CSS tab I found a dropdown with some files in it.

The /sap/zen/crosstab/themes/sap_platinum was one of the biggest ones so I took a closer look into it. To be able to read it better I saved it as css and opened the file in Excel.

Because I was only interested in the css classes and not the detail definition I deleted the unused rows with a little VBA and the result showed me a list of around 300 .sapzenxxxxx classes that I divided up into the following 6 Groups:

  • Crosstab
  • Filterpanel
  • Message View
  • Pagebook
  • Popup
  • Dialog

I uploaded the detail XLS File so you can easily discover the findings and play around with many classes you might not have seen before.

(Import the .txt file in Excel for best viewing experience)