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The prerequisite software cannot be installed when you run the LoadRunner installation wizard


  1. Search for a folder with the name "prerequisites" i.e  "Software_HP_LoadRunner_11.00_T7177_15013\lrunner\Jpn\prerequisites"
    This folder contains all the prerequisite software for LoadRunner.
  2. Run each installer file individually. Some installers will not run if their component is already installed and may therefore be skipped.
  3. When all prerequisites are installed, open a DOS command prompt and type the following command to complete the installation of LoadRunner:
    > msiexec.exe /i <LR_PATH>\LoadRunner.msi SKIP_PREREQUSITE_CHECK=1
    where <LR_PATH> is the path where the "LoadRunner.msi" file is located, i.e "Software_HP_LoadRunner_11.00_T7177_15013\lrunner\MSI"

For more detail information please refer SAP Knowledge Base Article 1733935

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