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SMP - Enterprise Scale Mobility: Security & Identity Management


SAP Mobile Platform: Enterprise Readiness Built-Ins

The SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) is a one-of-a kind solution for enterprises that take mobility seriously. SMP provides you with state of the art technology guaranteeing enterprise ready operations, with built in features including Security, Performance, Supportability, Lifecycle Management and more.

In this series of SCN pages, we drill down into Enterprise Readiness.You'll find links to White Papers, How-To Guides, recorded presentations and demos, Blogs and other resources that dive deep into any of the five selected topics.

SMP Enterprise Readiness: Webinar Series

In addition to the assets that you find on below SCN pages, we - the SAP Mobile Rapid Innovation Group (RIG) - host a series of webinars around Enterprise Grade Mobility with SMP.

The webinars will be presented by mobility experts from within SAP: Every week, every Thursday, and they are free to attend! And yes, we'll post recordings a few days after the sessions.

SMP on Topic: Security & Identity Management

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Mobile Technology challenges the Enterprise. Many companies implementing or extending the use of mobile technology in their organizations face challenges similar to those they faced when deploying corporate-wide software systems.

Historically, desktop machines were deployed within the firewall and secured on-premise, and only a small percentage of employees had mobile phones. Those mobile phones typically had a more limited application technology installed on them, and those apps were provisioned by services providers. With the onset of BYOD and cloud deployments of device management solutions, these service-provider solutions are shifting to home-grown solutions. And beyond just servicing employees, enterprises must now look at providing access to assets from a spectrum of internal and external users: from authenticated employees to unauthenticated users such as customers and partners.

The mobile security policy is the foundation of mobile operations management. Companies need to: enforce these policies, use a mobile platform is required that provides a common set of tools for managing security for all mobile apps and all devices in the business ecosystem. These tools include end-to-end data encryption, device-level user authentication, single-sign-on certificate management, and a seamless onboarding experience both for the administrator and the end-user.

The SAP Mobile Platform introduces a multilayer approach to corporate security, designed for mobility. This approach ensures that:

  • Internal and external device users can securely connect to enterprise information systems.
  • Every network link that transfers corporate information and every location that stores enterprise data guarantees confidentiality.

SMP security features cover Component, Communication and Authentication & Access aspects, which apply to different components of the runtime landscape:

Further, SMP Common Security Infrastructure (CSI) provides an extensible model for integrating with existing security infrastructure (e.g., LDAP, Microsoft AD, SiteMinder). For additional information about developing a custom authentication or authorization provider, see Security API in Developer Guide: Unwired Server Runtime.

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A number o publications deal with SSO in particular:

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