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SAP Customer Relationship Management

How to set filters for data upload(from CRM to ECC)?

To filter data sent from CRM to ECC, you need to set filters in SMOEAC, not in R3AC1/R3AC3/R3AC5.

Only 'Simple Intelligent' publication allows filtering. So if you have already 'Simple Bulk' publication, you will have to delete it and create a 'Simple Intelligent' one instead.

You need to delete the BP-related subscription, publication and the replication object, in sequence.

eg. delete subscription

You may see the following pop-up during deleting it, please just go ahead with it.

Then you have to create replication object, publication, subscription again, in sequence.

create replication object

choose "Messaging Bdoc Type"

In the next step, make sure you select "Simple Intelligent"

You can select the potential fields for filtering.

Now create the publication. Make sure you select "Simple Intelligent", and select the replication object you just created.

In the next step, move the potential filtering field from the table on the left to the table on the right.

Now create the subscription. Please select the publication you just created.

Enter the specific filtering conditions.

Assign the Site to the subscription, according to your landscape.

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