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SAP Customer Relationship Management

One way and undirected relationship category

there're 2 types of relationship categories. "One-way" and "undirected"       


one-way:  there's "direction", eg.   BP1 "has a contact person" BP2, and BP2 "is a contact person of" BP1. BP1 and BP2 are not equal in terms of position.       


undirected: there's no "direction" eg. BUR004 "Marriage".   BP1 "Is married to" BP2, and BP2 "Is married to" BP1. BP1 and BP2 are equal in terms of position.       


In SAP GUI, BP transaction, relationship category, the framework will automatically add "F" and "T" prefix to the relationship category code, "F" represents direction "Has …."       

"T" represents "Is …. Of"   eg. you defined a relationship category BUR001 in trx. BUBA, and define it as "One way" type, there will be FBUR001 and TBUR001.    

In web UI, "one way" relationship category distinguish "has …" and "is …. of" by "-" suffix. eg. "BUR002"  Has Activity Partner       "BUR002-" Is Activity Partner For"

If you want to hide certain relationship category you don't need, go below path:

check the "Hide" flag for certain relationship category, then it will not show up in the relationship category dropdown list.

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