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Consuming HANA view in Dashboards(Xcelsius)


To consume HANA views in Business objects dashboard you have to create a universe in sematic layer using IDT and publish the same. Using the universe we create a report in Dashboard.

Creating dashboard on HANA views involves three basic steps


HANA views- attribute view/analytical view/calculation view is already created in SAP HANA.


  1. Creation of a universe.
  2. Creation of a dashboard.
  3. Publishing and viewing dashboard

Detailed Steps:

  1. Creation of a universe
  • Launch IDT and create a project.
  • Create a Relational Connection (of type SAP->JDBC Drivers) to HANA system.


  • Once created the connections, publish the connection to the repository.


  • Create a Data Foundation with a Single Source option.


  • In the next screen select the relational connection for the HANA system where view is lying.
  • Once the data foundation screen opens, select Calculation View from the right side panel. All activated views (Attribute/Analytical/Calculation views) will be shown under _SYS_BIC schema. The naming convention will be like packagename.subschema/viewname.
  • Create Relational Business Layer on top of this Data Foundation.
  • Select the required Fields(Attributes and Measures) and hide the unwanted fields.
  • Make sure the Aggregation has been set for Measures. Even though aggregation is specified, the aggregation function has to be explicitly specified in SQL Function if the measures in order to achieve desired aggregation.
  • Go to Queries and check for the HANA data by clicking the Refresh. The data should be shown based on the selected fields.
  • Publish the Business Layer into BIP Repository as a Universe in order to consume by other BO Reporting Tools.

2. Creation of a dashboard

  • Launch the Dashboard Design from Start Menu
  • Click a Blank Model


  • Click “Add Query” in the Query Browser


  • Mention the BIP Server details to open the session which includes hostname; user; password 


  • Now Select the Universe in the “Add Query” dialog->Click Next


  • Select the required Characteristics and Measures in put it under “Result Objects”. Mention the filters, under “Filters” panel, if required and click Refresh. HANA data will be shown under Result Set as shown below


  • Click Next->Next->Ok


  • Now bind the field(say Division) values to Excel cells:


  • Place the component(say ListView) into Canvas and map the Excel cell values to ListView


3. Publishing and viewing dashboard.

  • Save the Dashboard into BOE Server


  • Now login to CMC->Folders. The published dashboard will be shown here in the folder.
  • Right click to View the dashboard


Hope this helps to the freshbees on SAP HANA and Business Objects Dashboards.

Feel free to ask questions.



Deepak Chodha.

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