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Maintenance Optimizer - Usage Type FAQ


Maintenance Optimizer is based on PPMS. If you want to know more about PPMS, SAP KBA 1811708 is a good start.

On the other hand, Java systems have something called the Usage Type model, which is not codified in PPMS, or explicitly mentioned anywhere in Maintenance Optimizer. If you want to activate a given Usage Type, it is not obvious what product instance or technical usage (these are PPMS entities) should one install or activate in order to activate a given Usage Type.

To help with this difficulty, the document atached to SAP KBA 1862280 lists the mappings for Usage Types and product instances. It is not perfect but it helps to identify issues with Usage Type dependencies, among others.

Here are a few of the most common Usage Type issues, with some comments. More detailed instructions can be found in the KBAs listed.

1862280 - Usage Type '' cannot be found in the mapping. The Usage Type activated in the system does not correspond to product instances or features in the Maintenance Optimizer XML. In order to make these 'equivalent' features present in the XML, the SMSY or LMDB product instances mapped to the Usage Type in the error message have to be marked as assigned/installed/relevant.

1818559 - No dependancy usage with id 111 was found in the current product usages -> if you get this type of error with a different Usage Type code , you can use the attachment at 1862280 to figure out what Usage Type needs to be modelled in SMSY, and how to model it in SMSY/LMDB. 

1823232 - Components, are not part of any usage type. You may get this error message with any other software component. In order to identify the Usage Types to which the components in the error message may belong , you may check the URL

http://<host>:5<CI instance number>00/utl/ComponentsDetailedInfo . In that URL, the software component has the Usage Type key next to it, so it is easy to identify which Usage Type to activate to get rid of the error message. Again, in order to check how to model the Usage Type in SMSY/LMDB, you have SAP KBA 1862280 .

1766130 - No UTL Description for active source product {,}! . This is similar to '1862280 - Usage Type '' cannot be found in the mapping'. The error happens because there are product versions detected (in the sample error in the KBA, ERP and SRM) for which no Usage Types have been modelled in the XML. The trouble here is, that this issue generally happens in hub system scenarios. Hub system scenarios are tricky enough already. I have some documents for you as a refresher for hub system configurations and Maintenance Optimizer:

Section 'example C' of

These hub configuration documents, and the Usage Type reference on 1862280, may help there.

To finish, I would like to hear your feedback/suggestions on these documents. I will be happy to address any areas that you may find with room for improvement.

Best regards,

Miguel Ariño