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How to trigger decision Node's follow-up step in campaign automation

In campaign automation scenario, system can send out E-mails to customers. And according to customer's response to the surcey, the follow-up step can be

different. In the standard System, a customer response is defined as an inbound contact. If a preceding campaign element is assigned to this contact, then campaign automation rule evaluation is started and additional subsequent steps are scheduled. The actions of the transaction are used for this.

Alternatively, a lead object with origin Campaign Response can be processed as a customer response. To do this, the appropriate action profile must be assigned to the transaction type.

In Customizing, the action for campaign automation is assigned to the action profile activity of object category BUS2000126. The system checks for an inbound business activity as a scheduling requirement. Method MKTCA_PROC_INB is used to execute the action. Method MKTCA_PROC_INB is an implementation of the method EXECUTE of the interface IF_EX_EXEC_METHODCALL_PPF.

Process flow in method MKTCA_PROC_INB

1. Determine reference object (current document).

2. Read data for current document using function module CRM_ORDER_READ.

3. Check whether a campaign element or a campaign is assigned as a preceding document.

4. Determine the business partner and the activity partner from the document. The method supplied P_GET_PARTNER only takes into account the transaction categories of business activity and sales order. For marketing contacts and lead objects, the partner function categories of activity partner and contact person are read. For sales orders the partner function categories of sold-to party and contact person are read. If additional scenarios need to be supported, the method must be supplemented accordingly.

5. Call method PROCESS_INBOUND.

As well as the action in the action profile ACTIVITY, the action profiles CAMPAIGN_AUTOMATION_ACTIVITY (BUS2000126), CAMPAIGN_AUTOMATION_LEAD (BUS2000108), and CAMPAIGN_AUTOMATION_ISALES (BUS2000115) are also supplied. These contain only the action for starting subsequent steps in campaign automation. They can either be assigned directly to a transaction type or be used as a template for creating your own action profile.

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