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SAP Customer Relationship Management

How to capture customer's response in Campaign Automation scenario

In blog Campaign automation for survey scenario(part 1: How to create a survey for campaign/campaign automation), I explained how to create a survey for

campaign automation. Now I'm tring to take about:

  • how customer's response is capturecd by system

Firstly, we need to create a survey according to the blog I mentioned. Then for standard scenario to work for sending e-mails, we need to prepare a mail form, which contains the survey link and this survey's URL must be tracked.(It has "++" at the end of the URL). After that, we need to use this mail form to create a campaign automation and add necessary information, like target group, communication channel, workflows. For detaild steps about how to set up campaign automation, please refer to SAP Note 988209.

After run the campaign, customer will receive an Email that contains the survey's URL. When customer clicks this URL and answer the questions and confim it,

an inbound contact will be created. In standard, system will create an activity(type: 0000) to record this inbound contact. You can find out this activity in following way: Open the campaign element that sends out the Emails, select "More" from the main menu and choose "Related transactions". You can see the activity and

the response of customer's survey. By default, system uses this kind of activity(type: 0000) to capture customer inbound contact.

If customer wants to create a lead or opportunity to do that, SAP provides BAdi CRM_MKTCA_SVY_PAI for customer. This Business Add-In (BAdI) allows customers to customize the inbound processing of surveys in connection with campaign automation according to their requirements.This BADI offers the static method PROCESS_SVY_PAI_FOR_CA to capture customer's response. SAP delivers standard code for the BAdI. It is written in class CL_DEF_IM_CRM_MKTCA_SVY_PAI method IF_EX_CRM_MKTCA_SVY_PAI~PROCESS_SVY_PAI_FOR_CA. If this BADI is not implemented, the default codes in this method will execute. Using this BAdi, customer can create whatever document they want for customer's response to survey.

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