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SAP Cloud Applications Studio

Studio Documentation

The documentation for the studio provides a lot of helpful information for everybody working with the studio. You can find, for example, getting started information, a detailed description of the studio functionality, and information about the lifecycle management processes. The documentation is available as online help, which is displayed in the Web browser, and as local help, which is displayed in the Microsoft Help Viewer.


This document shows the different ways of working with the documentation.


Help Installation

Online help: No installation is required.

Local help:

  • SAP Business ByDesign Studio:
    Install the help manually via Help -> Manage Help Settings as described under Help Content Installation in the studio documentation.
  • SAP Solutions OnDemand Studio (Build Date 29.04.2013 or newer)
    No Installation required.


Accessing Help

Online help:

Access the online help via the Help menu in the studio or via the SAP Help Portal:

SAP Business ByDesign Studio:

Solutions OnDemand Studio:

Local help:

To access the local help from the studio, click View Help in the Help menu.


If Microsoft Help Viewer 1.0 is installed on your computer, the documentation opens in your default Web browser.

If Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, SP1 is installed on your computer, the documentation opens in Microsoft Help Viewer 1.1, which is a standalone help viewer.

The local help provides a full-text search option as well as context-sensitive help.


Full-Text Search

You can search the local help using a full-text search. The result list also contains a short description of the topic content. You can use the Boolean operators: AND, OR, and NOT as well as wildcard characters (*) in your search terms.

Context-Sensitive Help (F1 Search)

To call up help documents relating to the function you are working with, you simply press the F1 key. Context-sensitive help is available for most studio functions and for many scripting key words.

Example 1: Data Source Wizard


Example 2: return statement in a Script File




The full-text search and the context-sensitive help provided by the local help enable you to find specific information quickly. When you install a new build of the SAP Solutions OnDemand Studio,the local help is installed automatically. If you want to become acquainted with a function or do not want to install the local help for the SAP Business ByDesign Studio, the online help is very useful.