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External Webinar on OCI5


The following link has an external webinar where Sabine Eipl, Mike Jud, and Dennis Bruder describe OCI5 and provide information on how to implement OCI5.  This webinar is targeted at catalog content providers who need to prepare their catalog content in the new OCI5 standard for use in the new SRM User Interface Add-On cross catalog search.  For SAP customers to provide search results from multiple content sources (eg: internal and external catalogs) to their casual users, they must obtain content in OCI5 format for indexing in Enterprise Search.  This webinar explains that process through indexing, describes the OCI 5.0 definition, and the shows resulting display in the cross-catalog search.


  • SRM User Interface Add-On introduction
  • What do customers expect from catalog shopping?
  • Definition of the new Open Catalog Interface 5.0
  • Provision of the new Open Catalog Interface 5.0 JSON format
  • Demo
  • Q&A

Link to webinar:

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