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BW (SAP Business Warehouse)

Transformation fails with the ASSERTION FAILED dump.

Whenever we perform a transport the transformation fails with the below dump.

Or the dump can occur when trying to display the transfomation or edit the tranformation.

In such a case , Kindly look for the  parameters shown below:

Here note the tranformation ID which is the casuing the dump.

Look for the same in RSTRAN table in the transaction SE16 in the target system where you are transporting the tranformation.

Here if the entry for the Tran ID is in T version then follow the below steps to avoid the dump :

  1. Confirm  that these notes are there in both the system i mean
    Transporting system and transported system.
  2. Then delete the T, A, and  M version (if exists)for transformation
    in  the system, detail steps are:

          a) Open transaction SE24 and input the class CL_RSTRAN_STAT and click
               on Execute

          b) Execute the method DELETE_VERSION_FROM_DB

3.    After this Execute the report SE38   > RSTRAN_ROUT_RSFO_CHECK in the
          source system from where you are transporting for both the version A and
          M Check do you get any error message,if not follow the next step,else
          select REPAIR option in the same report.

   4.    Collect the TRF and Necessary object in New TR and try to
           transport the request to target system.

The above steps should be followed if the tranformation has a T version and the above dump is thrown.



Sometimes the above dump can occur due to inconsistent RULE ID in that case the parameter

I_RULEID will give you the inconsistent rule id  to solve this follow the below steps :

  • Delete the inconsisten Rule_ID and recreate it .
  • To delete the inconsistent rule ID follow the below steps:

           >SE24   > CL_RSTRAN_STAT 

           > Select methode DELETE_RULE_FROM_DB

           >Delete RuleID 1 of TRF  in both (T and M) version.

  • Once followed the above steps ,Then again recreate the inconsistent

          Rule ID and activate the tranformation.


This should solve the problem.

PS: But Make sure the note this 1709947 is implemented and manual steps are followed  before performing the above steps..

This is a new correction note which solves this problem without following the above steps please check this as well:

1877021              Dump in Transformation bei 'NOP' Step


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