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NW AS Java Administrator (NWA)

How to Activate Inactive objects after Note implementation in SNOTE


Once the Note get Implemented in SNOTE , its expected to activate the objects .

In case the modified object is inactive the following steps need to be tried.

Also , make sure to get to root cause of the inactive object and eliminate the errors.

  • Go to transaction SNOTE
  • Navigate to menu SAP Note -> Activate SAP Note Manually

Alternatively ,

  • Run the report "SCWB_NOTE_ACTIVATE" in SE38
  • Enter the note number
  • Execute (F8) and activate the objects.

Some important SAP Note on activation of objects :

  • 1131831 - Note Assistant: Activating objects after termination
  • 1374033 - SNOTE: Activation dialog box is not displayed
  • 1291055 - Note Assistant: Problem activating exception classes