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AgileSE - Quotes and Press Reviews

Quotes on the performance of AgileSE

SAP managers and POs

“Having been with SAP for 22 years, this is the first time I see such a considerable positive impact on the software quality.”

(SVP, Application Innovation)

“We used to need 30% of the organization to test and integrate – those times are now over.”

“Teams are now more proud, more motivated and less stressed.”

(SVP TIP Core)

Customers Quotes

“This is the best quality we have seen from any SAP product.”

“Customers were very impressed with the quality. Tehy gave us a 9 out of 10 quality rating after customer validation.”

“On a scale from 1 to 5, I would say it rates a 5. We did not experience any stability issues with the application.”

Development teams

“Today we are much more relaxed at the end of a release. In ramp-up we got much less defects than from previous releases.”

“Before AgileSE, we had one defect that cost us 6 weeks to find and fix for several people. One unit test at the right place would have avoided that.”

“Due to AgileSE (unit- & integration tests) we have no manual effort for regression testing and up-ports.”


Impact of AgileSE Practices - Results from a Survey after 1 year

  • 50% of participants have fully changed their work methods (high adopters)
  • 75% say: AgileSE produces better quality,
  • 59% say: … without impact to development speed 
  • 29% say: …even with speed gain

Press reviews on AgileSE from SAP

The AgileSE program has been presented at conferences and written about in computer magazines (so far only German magazines).

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