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Executive Summary on Agile Software Engineering

Upgrade your software development with Agile Software Engineering

Maintenance efforts, bug fixing and endless change requests are some of the key reasons why project costs exceed the initial estimates – sometimes by far. Not to mention that they draw from resources that could be used on other projects.

Although Scrum is a step in the right direction we at SAP learned that it’s not sufficient. Why? Because while Scrum defines the organizational aspects of software development, it does not define technical practices. And these are crucial for a truly efficient application of iterative development.

Reduce efforts, gain quality, increase productivity

Because of this this we at SAP developed AgileSE Education which enables software development teams to:

  • Produce better code quality in less time
  • Reduce long-term maintenance effort
  • Be more responsive to changing requirements
  • Avoid the excessive stress in the final stages of projects
  • Strengthen team spirit

Our training programs train developers in state-of-the-art technical development practices such as Unit Testing, Test Driven Development, Test Isolation, Pair Programming, Exploratory Testing and Refactoring and more.

The AgileSE course has been given to over 5500 SAP developers worldwide – with excellent feedback: Read what participants and the press have to say

Profit from the AgileSE technical training courses

Our courses for agile software engineering are now available for customers and partners

Getting started – consolidated information about the AgileSE courses (Link “Getting started”)

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