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Integration and Certification Center

SAP ICC Partner Testimonial

Integration certification gives our Partners and Independent Software Vendors an edge to increase their comprehensive value proposition, providing them with an opportunity for growth and participation.  Here are a few testimonials from our partners about the benefits they obtained with certification, and their experience with the SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC).

   ’We had an amazing overall experience with the SAP ICC team. The assigned technical consultant from SAP ICC perfectly guided us on the required process and gave us a detail explanation on each steps. Certification has helped us to improve some of the workflows and quality of the code based on the guidance from SAP experts. Our idea of getting certification is to get endorsement from SAP for our integrated LIMS solution so that customer has more confidence on the same . We are also planning to get our second application certified as we would like to reach out to a larger SAP customer base”. Manish Shah, Head - Products & Solutions Business, Sarla Technologies.

The certification from SAP ICC will help our customers to understand that our printers have good compatibility with SAP. The certification testing also helped me to notice some of the settings which was difficult to use. Going forward customers will ensure to buy certified device type as it verify the printers quality. Satoshi Watanabe, Engineer of printer software, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Toshiba Tec decided to certify the printer device type to prove the quality of our solution. The certification from SAP ICC will definitely add value to our solution and will help us to reach out to more customers.  The certification process was very smooth right from receiving the certification contract and completing the certification testing. We also believe that  this certification help us in promoting the reliability of our printing products to SAP customers’- Masateru Mitani Software Engineer, Toshiba Tec Corporation

Innovapptive certified our Mobile Applications to drive higher customer adoptability and leverage SAP Store as a marketing channel to reach out to several SAP Customer. SAP ICC certification process for our Mobile Applications has been pleasantly seamless and the resources that worked with Innovapptive are extremely accomodating and flexible, without compromising on the quality standards of SAP certification - Sundeep V. Ravande, President & Co-Founder, Innovapptive Inc.

Voxtron’s contact center software was redesigned towards the needs of the enterprise market within the last years. SAP is a very common system (both for CRM and ERP) in the sectors we are selling to: large enterprises, energy suppliers, media companies, etc. Therefore, the requirement having an SAP certified application got stronger. Moreover, Voxtron expects to benefit from the global organization of SAP in getting leads and successfully doing business together, with our customer interaction software “Voxtron Communication Center”, now certified for SAP CRM 7.0. The certification process was very professional and a good experience for us. The SAP consultant, being responsible for the certification, did a very good job on all necessary information and the actual doing of the certification. - Ralf Mühlenhöver, Managing Director, Voxtron GmbH

Pega is a software company focused on Business Process Management(BPM). A number of our Fortune 500 customers, need the ability to integrate our PRPC solution with their internal SAP systems. This certification will help our customers and partners roll out PRPC based business process management solutions that integrate seamlessly with their existing SAP infrastructure, using the “Pega Process Extender”. The overall experience with SAP ICC was good, our ICC consultant was helpful in outlining the needed tasks and expectations, which we followed and got it done - Sushil Kumar, Director COE Architecture - Enterprise Business Applications , Pegasystems Inc

Certifying our solution has ensured that it is in compliance with SAP Quality standards and it makes installation and maintenance easier, thereby generating a quick ROI. SAP ICC helped us in answering our queries related to SAP quality standards. They were very helpful  and quick in solving our doubts. - Edgar Rolland Chiw Lau, Product and Development Manager, Pelissari Gestão e Tecnologia.

Overall experience with SAP ICC was very comfortable, right from signing up till its completion it was a smooth ride. The ICC team was just a call away in need. And the final moments of product certification just lasted for 2 hours, what an amazing speed. Certification will help us to keep ourselves ahead of the competition as SAP certification with its value gives us an extra edge in the solution space Also, it will help us to gain client confidence as they doesn't have to worry about the adaptability of 3rd party solution in their SAP landscape, the security aspects and adherence to the industry standards. And getting listed in the SAP Partner Information Center helps in getting new leads. - Mohammed Imran, Practice Manager - SAP NetWeaver, Altimetrik India Pvt. Ltd.

Certification was required for us to set up a more comprehensive solution and to improve our internal management and software sales. In the entire certification process, all the detail were considered, and strictly tested. The document requirement standard is also very high. ICC consultant provide huge help and support for the new certification, we are also be able to improve our system during the certification process - Mai Jinhui, Technical Manager, Guangzhou Commpro Information Technology.

We are a SAP certified solutions provider and getting the SAP integration certified enables us to gain customer trust for our product. It was a pleasure working with the ICC consultant again after three years. His help with the certification was very valuable and he made the process very simple and straightforward for us. - Rahul Patil, Principal Software Architect, Fusion Ops Inc.

One central goal of certifying our solution was to demonstrate a reliable, repeatable end-to-end process of delivering, implementing, and maintaining SAP mobile solutions. Certification optimized and confirmed our mobile solution’s design including packaging SAP processes, mobile platform integration, reviewing the application, and the design considerations in between. The SAP ICC Integration Consultant leading our certification was exceptionally knowledgeable, involved, and professional throughout the entire certification process. Certification requirements were clearly defined and communicated, resulting in a logical, streamlined progression of certification activities and milestones - Scott Stefanich, Solution Engineer, PMC America 

Rapid Consulting is among the very few information technology service companies to have had multiple applications complete the SAP certification process.  We sought SAP certification to prove our ability to implement the SAP mobility platform and understand all of the functionalities.  We also wanted to provide the highest level of support and technical expertise possible to our partners and clients, something an SAP seal of approval could grant us.  We wanted to submit our applications to a rigorous certification process to assure our clients that our applications were independently verified for technicality and functionality.  The certification process itself was a dream: SAP was very patient and helpful, and made absolutely sure that our applications drew data properly.  We highly recommend their expertise and we enjoyed working with them. - Anton Ansalmar, Founder, President, and CMO, Rapid Consulting Services Inc.

Working with the SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) has been extremely beneficial to our organization both technically and professionally.  The SAP ICC has provided strong technical structure which has ensured stability and compliancy within our products.  This in turn has allowed us to provide our customers with solutions that increase the level of shipping integration and performance within their Supply Chain process while adhering to all the best practices of SAP.  Our customers can easily see the value that the certification process brings and it provides them with a good sense of security knowing that SAP has been a part of the quality control process. Joseph Cabrera, Managing Partner, ERP Integrated Solutions, Inc.