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DSO Activation Error : Message no. RSM096

This document helps you solve the RSM096 error which is a common error that occurs during DSO activation.

When activating a DSO or a process chain which indirectly uses a DSO this particular error message is thrown :

REQU_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX(REQ No) has not or not correctly been updated; Please edit

Message no. RSM096

Reason for this error message is :

The reason is,request number has been updated to PSA, but not yet to

DSO. Since all delta requests to DSO must be in correct sequence,

the system will check old requests and issue this error.

For more details you can check this note :


595028  Loading/activating ODS: delta requests not yet updated

Solution for this error message is :

There are two ways to solve the same :

  • You need to first update request to DSO, then try to activate DSO data.
  • If you do not need that request, you should delete it from PSA or set it to red.

PS :  Set the OLD update request in the monitor to RED (using a QM action).

          As a result, it is then ignored in the check. This is not only a

          'workaround', it is also logical step, because a new update request

           replaces the old update request when the delta administration is reset

           and the change log is reupdated.

          The old update request then becomes obsolete and should no longer be

           used (in InfoCubes).

This way the error  message can be solved.

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