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ABAP Objects Refresher for AgileSE

In preparation for the ABAP ASE course, you can use this self-study 'ABAP Objects Intro / Refresher' course. It assumes a working knowledge of ABAP but no knowledge of ABAP Objects. You will learn the level of ABAP Objects you need to be somewhat comfortable with the programming exercises in the ABAP ASE course, specifically also working with local classes.

Disclaimer: This is by no means a complete and sufficient treatment of object oriented programming! If you get started with the videos you should also do
further readings using the resource links listed below!

Structure / How to use

This self-study course consists of several modules that all have the same structure:

  1. Short video introduction to the theoretical concepts (10-15 mins)
  2. Programming exercise to be done by you
  3. Review video of a sample solution to the exercise.

How to use:

  • Find an ABAP system where you can do the exercises. You should create local programs ($TMP) in which you write the local classes.

Content / List of Modules

Link to presentation slides


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