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SAP Customer Relationship Management

Incorrect delivery/billing status during sales order data exchange.


There are symptoms as below:

- The item's delivery status is set to 'Fully Delivered' in the ECC system. However the linked CRM order has the delivery status "Partially Processed" set for the same item.

- An order related billing item’s status is set to ‘Fully Invoiced’ in the ECC system. However, the linked CRM order has the billing status “Partially Processed” set for the same item.

One of the reasons for this problem is the rounding of quantities. When the base unit is not the smallest unit of measure, the rounding issue would occur.

For example, a material has the following units of measure:

Base unit of measure: Box

Sales unit of measure: PC

Conversion: 1 Box = 12 PC

An order is created for the material with quantity 25 PC.Then the follow up delivery/billing document for this order item is created with the full ordered quantity. During the data transfer, the quantity in base unit of measure is used. So, the transferred quantity is calculated as 25 (PC)*1 (Box)/12 (PC) = 2,083 (Box). Later, this quantity is converted to sales unit of measure to determine the delivery/billing status. It is calculated as 2,083 (Box) *12 (PC)/1 (Box) = 24,996 (PC). Comparing to the ordered quantity 25 PC, the delivery/billing status is set to "Partially Processed".

With the above unit of measure settings, the system's responce is correct.

In both CRM and ECC, it is recommaned to use the smallest unit of measure as the base unit. Otherwise there would be the rounding issue. There are several notes taking about this:

873486 Rounding error in CRM after you change unit of measure

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549413 FAQ: Quantity rounding in the sales order

It is the same for sales order data exchange. The smallest unit of measure should be used as the base unit, otherwise there would be the rounding issue. That results in the incorrect delivery/billing status in the CRM order.