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KBAs, Notes and Other Stuff for CRM IC


Latest Update (05 2016): new SAP Note 2303616 improves front end side printing for the new version of the rich text editor.

Latest Update (04 2016): New SAP Note 2161288 introduces a report CRM_IC_CHECK_CUSTOMIZING which helps SAP support to more easily get an overview on CRM IC business role customizing and related system settings and offers links to related documentation. Implement the SAP Note before opening an incident.

Collection of helpful stuff related to CRM IC - disclaimer: if it is not mentioned it does not mean, it does not exist !



Introduces a report which allows SAP support to better get an overview on CRM IC business role customizing an contains links for related documentation

Note2167770 Introduces a parameter which allows to switch on tracing of IC events in CRM ICI TraceTroubleshooting
KBA2161942How to adjust the Layout of a CRM IC Webclient Business roleConfiguration
WIKIwiki How to launch CRM IC WebClient from the portal (external integration)Configuration


Usage of IE11 for CRM Interaction CenterSystem Behavior/Setting

When working in several browser tabs, browser windows, you are encountering time errors UPDATED

with reference to Important Note: 2204431

System Behavior





How to debug CRM WebUI using Conditional Breakpoints
Conditional breakpoints for IC events
KBA1836437How to set up an IC Agent role - technical prequequisites from customizing point of view


KBA1822403How to enhance a global custom controller for CRM IC Webclient


KBA1757252How to analyse problems related to session loss or logoff in CRM WebUITroubleshooting
PDFCookbookCRM Interaction Center Consultant's Cookbook – “Maximizing User Experience”Configuration, Enhancement,
SCNDocumentWebUI Navigation guideSystem Behavior
KBA1877764Rule evaluation does not work after a kernel upgrade - problems with ERMS, alerts and order routingBug
SCNBlogTips and Tricks - Troubleshooting CRM (Interaction Center)Troubleshooting
Note1899896Security Sessions / Application Sessions - and its timeoutSystem Behavior/Setting

CRM-IC: session timeout issue with CRM 7 EHP1 and higher. It introduces a new warning popup which is displayed before timeout.

KBA1866327CRM IC: How to identify root cause of a session in SM04 when working with a CRM IC business role and steps for resolving in case of errorsTroubleshooting
Note1295006Mandatory SICF services for IC WebClientConfiguration
BlogSCNEHP3: Replace polling in CRM Interaction Center by ABAP Push ChannelNew/System Behavior
Note1962301Trouble shooting guide for using the ABAP Push Channel in the Interaction CenteTroubleshooting
Note2067125Connection instabilities in Web Dispatcher if Internet Explorer 9 is usedTroubleshooting

Customer Interaction (CRM-IC-INR, CRM-IC-FRW, CRM-IC-SEA)

SCNBlogEverything you need to know about the Interaction Record in the CRM Interaction Center ( Gert Tackaert)SAP standard
Note2039600 Display activity clipboard in the L-ShapeNew feature (CRM 7.0 EHP3)
SCNBlogTracking Customer Interactions, a New Feature and  “End is your friend”System behavior, tipps, new feature
KBA1861150 How to prevent saving of business transactions when pressing END button if mandatory fields not filled.Configuration/Enhancement
SCNBlogSAP CRM Interaction Center: A hitchhiker’s guide from a process perspective (Carsten Busch)Big Picutre

ERMS Inbound E-Mails (CRM-IC-EMS*)

SCNBlogConfiguring SAP SMTP service (Tobias Hofmann)Setting Up SAP SMTP service
KBA1850076 ERMS inbound E-Mails: Error when processing node '0000000004' (ParForEach index 000000), no agents foundTroubleshooting ERMS inbound mail -
agent assignment
KBA1846041How to analyze why an ERMS inbound E-Mail is not found in the agent inbox

Troubleshooting ERMS inbound mail -general

KBA1861250ERMS inbound E-mail containing a tracking text does not get linked to the service ticket/service request mentioned in the tracking text

Troubleshooting ERMS -
ERMS Threading

Note1900772New note available for CRM 7.0 EHP2 and higher which helps to use E-Mail header fields in ERMS rulesNew feature
WikiHowToHow to set up Threading in ERMS


Agent Inbox (CRM-IC-UNI):

Note882653Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Agent InboxFAQ
Note1464849Email, Fax, Letter search in Agent InboxSystem design
Note1279836Agent Inbox: due-date calculation for CRM documentsEnhancement
Note1375170Agent Inbox: Performance workitem (Email,Fax,Letter) searchEnhancement
Note1860886Performance of CRM order search when using CRM_IC_INBOX_BADIProblem
SCNDocumentHow to Integrate a New Item Type into the Agent InboxEnhancement
SCNDocumentHow to Integrate a New Search Attribute into the Agent InboxEnhancement
SCNDocumentHow to Integrate New “Result List Attributes” into the Agent InboxEnhancement
SCNBlogStep by Step to debug IC inbox workflow WS14000164Analysis
KBA1878526E-Mail Status in Agent Inbox on Ending customer interactionCustomizing/Confguration

General: IC E-Mails (CRM-IC-CHA-EMA)




Preequisite before running report RSBCS_REORG - Linkage of outbound E-Mails

to business transactions

KBA1823519E-Mails in CRM: how to figure out the right component for note/KBA search and creation of support messagesGeneral Info/Support
BlogJohnBurtonHow to transport mail formsNew function
Note1921115A new parameter profile for BTF Editor toolbar buttons and print button allows hiding of one of the print buttons (for
CRM 7.0 EHP1 and higher)
New function

Problems with images in CRM Interaction Center outbound E-Mails (type INT)


How to Define a Default Font for HTML Outbound E-Mails in CRM Interaction Center (type INT)

KBA2086866Special Characters in Display Name & new SAP Connect address check: when replying to or forwarding an E-Mail in the CRM Interaction Center, you get a dump or error message Troubleshooting
KBA2086590 When displaying an HTML Inbound E-Mail in CRM IC, HTML content, attachment or images are not shownTroubleshooting
NoteBlogUnderstanding the Behavior of CRM UIU Views in ICSAP Standard
Note2303616improves front end side printing of IC E-mail using new version of rich text editor (rteMCE)Improvement Note

Business Transactions in IC (CRM-IC-BF, IC specific views: CRM-IC-SVO, CRM-IC-SLO*)

KBA1823428Business transactions in CRM IC Webclient: how to figure out the right component for note/KBA search and opening support messagesGeneral Info
Note669072Customizing transactions in the IC WebClient - central note on how to set up a business transaction profile in CRM ICCustomizing
KBA1770103How to ensure that a business transaction is offered for creation in CRM IC Webclient (transaction type selection popup for dependent business transaction)


KBA1847536 How to ensure that the confirmed business partners are added as partner to a newly created business transaction


KBA1781481How to ensure a transaction type is shown in the follow-up popup or in the Dropdown list box when you create follow up transaction of a dependent business transaction or the interaction record in CRM Interaction Center


KBA1831467Confirmed business partner(s) not published in the context area when editing a business transaction (single account identification profile)Troubleshooting
Editing Process
Note1811836Navigation issues (dump): ERP sales order integrations in CRM ICBug
SCNBlogUnderstanding the Behavior of CRM UIU Views in ICSAP Standard