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SAP Student Academy


As part of SAP’s strategy to close the SAP skills gap in the ICT market and foster co-development with university students, a new online training offering has been developed specifically tailored to the needs of university students: SAP Student Academy.

This offering is the product of a joint initiative between SAP Education and SAP University Alliances which aims to increase the placement of SAP certification curricula within the university sector through the provision of high-value, electronic learning content ultimately leading to SAP certifications.

This document serves as a library of blogs and videos covering SAP Student Academy. Follow this document to stay updated on the latest content.

SAP Corporate Announcements

SAP Student Academy Offers Online Training for University Students

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SAP Community Network Blogs

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SAP Student Academy bietet Online-Schulungen zur Zertifizierung für Hochschulstundenten (DACH Education space in German)

YouTube Videos

The Benefits of SAP Student Academy: A Lecturer's Perspective

SAP Student Academy

Professor Simha Magal on the new SAP Education/University Alliances Initiative

A  Professor's Take On a New SAP Education/SAP University Alliances Initiative

External Articles

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