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SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform

BI 4 How to: Upgrade Audit and Monitoring Data from previous versions

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Introduction to the auditing and monitoring databases

Auditing and monitoring help you to understand how the BusinessObjects deployment is used and behaving.


Auditing allows you to keep a record of significant events on servers and applications, which helps give you a picture of what information is being accessed, how it's being accessed and changed, and who is performing these operations. This information is recorded in a database called the Auditing Data Store (ADS). Once the data is in the ADS, you can design custom reports to suit your needs.


Monitoring allows you to capture the run-time and historical metrics of SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform servers for reporting and notifying. The monitoring application helps system administrators determine if an application is functioning normally and if the response times are normal. By providing key business metrics, the monitoring application provides insight into the Business Intelligence (BI) platform.

Note: The monitoring database is also referred to as "Trending Database"

SBO auditing and monitoring database release reference

The following (SAP) BusinessObjects releases have Auditing and possibly monitoring databases available:

ReleaseAuditing DBMonitoring DB
XI Release 2Yes. Default DB is MySQL.NO
XI3.0Yes. Default DB is MySQL.NO
XI3.1Yes. Default DB is MySQLYes. Default DB is Apache Derby
BI4.0Yes. Default DB on Windows = MSSQL and on UX = DB2 ExpressYes. Default DB is Apache Derby
BI4.1Yes. Default DB = SQLAnywhere 12Yes. Default DB is Apache Derby

Why the XIR2/XI3x audit database cannot be upgraded to BI4.x

Because the schema of the Audit Database was changed in BI4.x, there is no upgrade available from the XIR2 or XI3.x Audit Database into BI4.x.

You may keep your "old" Audit database in place once you decommission the XIR2/XI3x system. Uninstalling the XIR2/XI3.x software will not remove the audit database (unless this it is running in the default shipped database).

Using the Upgrade Management tool, you can upgrade your existing auditing universe(s) and document(s) into BI40 and keep using them for historical data.

Why the XI3.1 monitoring database cannot be upgraded to BI4.x

Although the technical structure of the monitoring database has hardly been changed, the monitoring engines have been evolved and enhanced. therefore it would become troublesome to upgrade the data of your exising XI3.1 monitoring database into theĀ  BI4.x model. In addition, there has been a substantial change in the BI4.x Services deployment in comparison to the previous XI3.1 platform.

If you want to reuse you old monitoring data, you may export the existing data from the monitoring database into flat files (CSV).

To export your existing data:

  1. Logon to the CMC
  2. Navigate to Applications
  3. Open the application "Monitoring Application"
  4. Locate the option "" and click "Export".
  5. The exported CSV files are located in the following directory: <install path>\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\Data\TrendingDB
  6. Store the files for later use or import them in a database of your choice.

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