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PORTAL Migration and Upgrade

SAP Services for Migrations and Updates

It is recommended to use the help of SAP's consulting services to accompany the upgrade process.

There are some levels of support according to the contract with SAP and offers the following services:

  1. EP upgrade workshop 7.0x to 7.30 - A full explanation to the customer on the migration/upgrade process, focused on the SUM tool.
  2. Technical feasibility check for upgrade – happens at customer's location, checking the level of readiness of the customer's system for an upgrade process.
  3. Technical integration check for upgrade, done before the go-live.
  4. On-call duty – a SAP CoE is available for phone calls in order to support and consult.
  5. Go-Live Support – all the relevant SAP experts of the relevant components that were involved in the upgrade process are at the customer's location.
  6. Volume Test Optimization - can be done before or after the upgrade process, helping in analyzing the load testing of the system.
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