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Sybase Control Center: Sharing resource between two users


User need to authenticate himself to connect the SAP Sybase IQ server.  Sybase Control Center Login, SAP Sybase Control Center login, and Agent authentication are different layers of security. Users can share resources  among themselves, but authentication of resources cann't be shared among users.

UserB  need to follow the steps listed below to reuse the resource created by UserB.

  • Open Resource panel and select "Add Resoures into Perspective".
  • Authenticate himself in the Perspective Resources --- at this point the Status fo database in the Perspective Resource should display the database is running.
  • Open the Administration Console.
  • At the point UserB doesn't have access to  full set of  features of database yet.
  • UserB has to register agent and authenicate agent for this database again for himself.

After last step (step 5) should have full control privilage on the database now.

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