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PORTAL Knowledge Management and Collaboration

File system repository manager configuration

  1. You just want to connect to a remote file system without using W2K security manager.
  2. Create a network path 


                      · Global services -> network path  

· Give IP address

· Give User( who has access to that file system).

     3.     Create a file system repository 

· Content management -> repository managers -> File system Repository manager.

·  Specify a root directory

·  Security manager -> select -> ‘Acl security Manager’

1.       4. Create a Windows system 

· Global services -> System landscape definations -> systems -> Windows system , Give system alias

1.       5.User Mapping

· You need to define a windows system in the Portal system Landscape (system alias).

·  The ‘system Alias’ you define in your KM windows system must be identical to the system ID which you already created in KM.

·  You should now have this system available for mapping , Portal user must be mapped to the appropriate user on the file system who has access to content.

2.       6.Mount service is necessary in order to access Remote shares.

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