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FIN Globalization Services

What has Alice in Wonderland novel got to do with globalization?


Well, not too much you may think. Let me give you some insights about key facts and figures about globalization at SAP and you may find the solution at the bottom of this document.

Globalization at SAP enables our customers to continuously run a global solution according to their local/country specific needs with:

           1.000  Legal changes per year in 10 releases             

           1.200  People working on globalization           

       160.000  Person days spent in 2012        

210.000.000  Words translated in 2012


  • SAP is offering country versions for Financials and Operations in 59 countries plus 1 partner solution.

  • SAP is offering country versions for Human Capital Management - Payroll in 53 countries plus 38 countries provided by partners solutions.

  • SAP ERP is translated into 39 languages.

The translation volume in 2012 for all SAP standard languages equates 7.945 Alice in Wonderland novels!