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SAP HANA Cloud "ESPM WebShop Extension" Application Scenario


Responsible for this tutorial: @Stephen Cherian

This end-to-end tutorial offers a step-by-step walk through of an Extension Scenario where the existing WebShop Application is extended to enable adding Customer Reviews of Products.

This tutorial targets novice and experienced SAP HANA Cloud developers.

It guides you through the ready-to-run extended WebShop development scenario which includes

  • Set up of your HANA Cloud Development Environment from scratch
  • Walk through the step-by-step built up UI components of the Customer Reviews application
  • Publish and run the WebShop Application on SAP HANA Cloud local runtime for testing
  • Create a JPA based Model Extension, “Customer Reviews” and expose it via Apache Olingo libraries as OData Service
  • Publish and run the extended WebShop Application on SAP HANA Cloud by using your Trial Account
  • Creation of SAP HANA Cloud Portal site integrating ESPM Webshop and ESPM Webshop Extension scenarios

List of SAP Technology used:

  • SAPUI5 (Toolkit for HTML5)
  • SAP HANA Cloud Persistence Service/JPA
  • Apache Olingo
  • SAP HANA Cloud local runtime for testing
  • Cloud Connectivity (ProxyServlet, Cloud Connector)
  • SAP HANA Cloud Portal
  • Test automation of SAP HANA Cloud Applications

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Latest Update of this Tutorial Document: Version 3.0 (12th of August 2014)