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Building your first end-to-end SAP HANA Cloud "PersonsList" Web Application Scenario


Responsible for this tutorial: @Jens Glander

This end-to-end tutorial offers developers a comprehensive and easy-to-use tutorial for developing an SAP HANA Cloud Web Application Scenario.

It guides you step-by-step through an application development scenario which includes

  • Set up your HANA Cloud Development Environment from scratch.
  • Develop a minimal end-to-end HANA Cloud Application from UI to Database
  • Publish and run each developed increment on SAP HANA Cloud local runtime for testing
  • Finally you publish and run your developed "PersonsList" Web Application on SAP HANA Cloud by using your Trial Account

List of SAP Technology used:

  • SAPUI5 (Toolkit for HTML5)
  • HANA Cloud Persistence Service/JPA
  • Local Java Web Server for testing
  • OData (connectivity)

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Latest Update of this Tutorial Document: Version 1.4.2 (22nd of September 2014)

Main changes added with versions 1.4.2

  • Added a consistent installation guide again (section 1.1)
  • Bugfix: Fixed ui5 dependency issues by using stable SAPUI5 CDN URL
  • Adapted documentation to newest HANA Cloud Platform changes (like Java Web Server instead of local HANA Cloud test server)

(use above download link and find in chapter 7 "Tutorial Documentation History" the main changes of all document versions)


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