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'Powered by SAP HANA' 基于SAP HANA应用的SAP认证

Now SAP offers certification for such applications running on HANA to our Partners, Customer and ISVs:

-      Traditional client-based scenarios, where an external application accesses the SAP HANA data model (tables, analytic views, etc.) via client interfaces such as ODBC and JDBC, and only uses SQL and native SQLScript procedures.

-      Web-based application that take full advantage of the SAP HANA Extended Application Services. In this scenario, clients access SAP HANA data using standard OData or XML for Analysis (XMLA) interfaces, or directly use a Web-based GUI that was developed using SAP UI5 toolkit, and that uses custom-developed server-side JavaScript, as well as native SQLScript procedures.

Customers using SAP-certified solutions in their SAP environment, as well as the partners offering these, experience great benefits which may include improving product quality, shorter implementation times, technical enablement, and marketing assets.

Who have get certified and where to find:

The following solutions by our pilot partners are now certified and listed in the Partner Information Center:

- ClickStream by Pentland Firth

- Revenue Intelligence Portfolio by Choice

- ICON-SCP by icon-scm

- and more…

Certification Price

7,000 Euros per certification (Euro currency is applicable to all countries).

50% off before July 31, 2013

50% Discount on all qualifying certifications - 3500 Euro certification fee (instead of 7000 Euro)

- Sign contracts before July 31, and certify your solution within 2013

Here you get more details about the HANA-APP certification:

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