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Virtualizing SAP BusinessObjects BI 4


Virtualization is Real, But Not Really Easy

Can you virtualize BI? Sure.

Can you get the same performance as you would on bare metal? Not so sure?

Virtualizing your SAP BusinessObjects BI 4 landscape seems as easy as installing your system in a virtual machine, but ensuring that it performs just as well as a physical deployment requires careful planning and configuration.  This isn't an easy topic, but SAP has conducted tests and collaborated with customers to create a body of knowledge focused on best practices for virtualizing BI 4.

This site contains resources to help you properly deploy SAP BusinessObjects BI 4 in a virtualized environment. However it is important to remember that these resources are not replacements for a proper sizing and deployment exercise performed by an expert BI consulting architect that can glean the nuances of your particular landscape from discussions with your stakeholders and combine that information with the resources here and his or her own personal learnings.

Primary Virtualization Resources

The topic of virtualization deployment is very complex and has many dimensions, so this site will focus solely on virtualization best practices and assumes you have already understood how to size and architect high performing physical SAP BusinessObjects BI 4 deployments.  It also assumes you understand virtualization and VMware, or know someone who does.

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