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SAP Mobile Platform - Load Testing Introduction Video


SMP Enterprise Readiness: Webinar Series

In addition to the assets that you find on below SCN pages, we - the SAP Mobile Rapid Innovation Group (RIG) - host a series of webinars around Enterprise Grade Mobility with SMP.

The webinars will be presented by mobility experts from within SAP: Every week, every Thursday, and they are free to attend! And yes, we'll post recordings a few days after the sessions.

Video Series 'Load Testing the SAP Mobile Platform'

We have prepared a series of videos to introduce you to and help you with Load Testing the SAP Mobile Platform, covering the following topics

  • 'Introduction' provides you with an overview into the topic of Load Testing, different tools and different kind of apps with distinct testing requirements.
  • In 'Mostly Offline Apps' we explain how to use HP LoadRunner and Apache JMeter for load testing Replication Based Synchronization apps (RBS)
  • In 'Mostly Online Apps' we show how to use LoadRunner for load testing  Hybrid Web Container (HWC) & On-line Data Proxy (ODP).

Load Testing 'Mostly Offline' (RBS) applications with LoadRunner and JMeter is supported as of Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) 2.1.2, including the SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) 2.3.

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Enterprise Scale Mobility

Life Cycle Management


Load Testing Overview 

Load Testing


Load Testing Offline Apps

Load Testing Online Apps

Presentation from Webinar Series

Complete Video from Webinar Series: Introduction to Performance Topics with SMP

Offline recorded Video Presentation

We start the series with an  overview on what load testing is, and what the business reasons are to invest in it.

After going through the steps of a typical load testing activity, we tell you about the different types of applications, and how to test the SAP mobile platform.

Last, we will provide a brief overview on LoadRunner - our preferred tool do perform load tests.

Video 1: Introducing this Video SeriesVideo 2: Introduction to Load & Performance Testing


Introduction to the this serie of Load Testing presentations, and outline of what you can expect in this first part of the series

What is Performance and Load Testing, and why you should consider investing in this activity.

Video 3: Steps to perform Load TestingVideo 4: Applications Types with SMP

Introduction to the generic load testing process, broken down into 13 steps.

Discussion of the different types of mobile apps in the context of SAP Mobile Platform:

  1. 'Mostly Offline' apps, or Replication Based Synchronization (RBS)
  2. 'Mostly Online' apps, or Hybrid Web Container (HWC)  and Online Proxy apps
Video 5: Load Testing SMP AppsVideo 6: LoadRunner Harness

Discussion of the various aspoect of testing and monitoring the SAP mobile platform.

LoadRunner from HP is our tool of choice. We give an overview about the tool.