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SAP Screen Personas - How to get started


Over the last few weeks, we have posted a selection of How To guides showing how you can use SAP Screen Personas to solve typical productivity issues. Most of these How To guides target SAP Screen Personas users who already have some experience with the product. Starting out with these advanced scripting tutorials might be overwhelming for some new users.

So, if you are new to Personas, and you want to personalize and simply your own experience with the SAP GUI screen, and you do not know how to get started, this document might be exactly what you were looking for.

Our first recommendation is to start with the first screen that you see when accessing your SAP system - the SAP Easy Access menu. There are several ways to change the screens to meet your needs. When you modify this screen with Personas, we recommend that you list all the transactions that you need to do on the corresponding SAP system and make them easily accessible from the start screen.

For example:

I, as a user on our internal demo system, need a cockpit that helps me to provide support to end-users.

So, I need to support the following main scenarios.

  • Somebody needs help with the NWBC integration, so we need to go into PFCG
  • A new user is required in cloud demo landscape, so we need to open the Netweaver Cloud Admin UI
  • Something is wrong with an existing user, so we go into SU01D and check the user
  • We also watch the SAP GUI space on SCN to see if somebody needs help with Personas.
  • Last but not least, somebody reaches out to us and ask for help with a flavor in transaction XYZ

The following video shows how to convert the SAP Easy Access Menu into the Personas Support Cockpit.

(Watch this video with voice-over by Ian at


  1. create a copy of Basic View
  2. Simplify and beautify the existing screen
    1. remove all elements of the screen that are not needed
    2. add a background image
    3. add an additional image as a header
    4. add a label to the execute button
    5. rearrange the transaction code field and images
  3. Add additional buttons
    1. add a launch button to jump directly into PFCG (to maintain roles)
    2. add a launch button to open a web page (Admin UI for our demo environment)
    3. add a script button to do a user lookup (leave it empty for now)
  4. save and exit
  5. populate the script button
    1. switch to basic view to record a script
    2. start the script recorder
    3. execute the sequence of steps that you always execute
    4. stop the script recorder
    5. go back to the flavor and go back into edit-mode
    6. add a custom text field
    7. upload the script and make it dynamic using copy/paste actions
  6. finalize the screen
    1. add another launch button to open a menu entry (to logout)
    2. change colors of all buttons
    3. add html viewer showing the latest discussions in SCN in the SAP GUI space
  7. save and exit
  8. go back into production mode
    1. show the html viewer content
    2. demonstrate the script button
  9. switch to other flavors to show other examples

As usual, if you want to learn more or discuss anything related to how to make your SAP GUI screens more functional using SAP Screen Personas, please start a discussion in the SAP GUI space on SCN.