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SAP Mobile Platform - Load Testing: Overview & Resources


The SAP Mobile Platform -
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The SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) is a one-of-a kind solution for enterprises that take mobility seriously. SMP provides you with state of the art technology guaranteeing enterprise ready operations, with built in features including Security, Scalability, Performance, Supportability, Lifecycle Management and more.

SMP Enterprise Readiness: Webinar Series

In addition to the assets that you find on below SCN pages, we - the SAP Mobile Rapid Innovation Group (RIG) - host a series of webinars around Enterprise Grade Mobility with SMP.

The webinars will be presented by mobility experts from within SAP: Every week, every Thursday, and they are free to attend! And yes, we'll post recordings a few days after the sessions.

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Enterprise Scale Mobility

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Load Testing Overview 

Load Testing Introduction Video

Load Testing Offline Apps

Load Testing Online Apps

Mobilizing business users is a huge step forward for any company

Imagine that you are a project manager and have just finished the installation of SMP, successfully tested all mobile apps on your QA system, and are ready to go-live and start rolling out the apps to your business users.

Before you do that, you want to verify that the apps work as smoothly in production as they do in QA. Performance is one of the key criteria, so you want to ensure that the system efficiently manages the anticipated load. You want to load test your environment.

On this and 3 additional SCN pages we detail several aspects of performance, in particular load testing your mobile applications. We also consider that different types of applications require different testing approaches. w

Content providers are @John Polus and @Dong Pan both from the SAP Rapid Innovation Group (RIG). Follow them to stay in touch with their publications on other topics too.

A good read on Performance is also offered by Former Member in her blog 'How Performance can Determine if Your Mobile App is Enterprise-Ready

Why do Load Testing

Load testing doesn't come for free (you need time & resources to plan and execute the tests, and depending on the testing tools you choose, these might require licenses). So you might ask yourself - is it really worth going this extra mile?

We think: yes - it's worth every penny!, because optimized performance will help you assure the stability and scalability of your landscape, which is key to manage the expectations of your end-users.

Load testing will provide you with answers to a number of questions, and, depending on the results, will enable you to pro-actively manage situations which otherwise might cause hiccups in production.

Questions that will be answered include:

  • Sizing verification - How much hardware is needed to run my application(s)?
  • Scalability - If more hardware is added, what higher load can be supported?
  • Stability - How long will the system run uninterrupted without failure?
  • Response times - Will system response times satisfy end user's requirements?
  • Robustness - Will the system survive a temporary overload without going down?

@Matt Harding took another spin at Load Testing in his blog Worth reading!

Video Series 'Load Testing the SAP Mobile Platform'

We have recorded a series of videos to introduce you to and help you with Load Testing the SAP Mobile Platform.

Use the blue 'tabs' above to browse the sections.

The series is split into 4 parts (use the 'fake tabs' above to access the videos).

  • Part 1 'Introduction' provides you with an overview into the topic of Load Testing, different tools and different kind of apps with distinct testing requirements.
  • Part 2 'Mostly Offline Apps' drills down into the specifics of load testing Replication Based Synchronization apps (RBS) with HP LoadRunner.
  • Part 3 'Mostly Online Apps' explains in detail how to load test Hybrid Web Container (HWC) apps and apps that make use of the On-line Data Proxy (ODP) with HP LoadRunner.
  • Part 4 'JMeter' focuses on testing mostly offline apps (RBS) with exactly that - the JMeter tool. updated

The videos apply to the release of Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3.

How-To Guides for Load Testing

How-To Load Test RBS Applications with HP LoadRunner 

This How-To Guide walks you through the steps to setup and perform load tests for native RBS applications against SAP Mobile Platform from end to end, using HP LoadRunner. It also takes a deep dive into several frequently-used techniques for successful load testing in complex scenarios.

View this How-To guide here: How to Load Test RBS Applications with HP LoadRunner.

How to Load Test RBS Applications with Apache JMeter

In this document, the basic guidelines for testing the load on a server, with JMeter, are described. The focus is on testing the load on a specific server with different methods.

This document covers the components JMeter and MS Visual Studio, and Sybase Unwired Platform.

View this How-To guide here: How to Load Test RBS Applications with Apache JMeter.

NEW: Webinar Series announced for Enterprise Readiness!

In an effort to share even more insights with you, we host a series of webinars, in part covering performance and load testing topics.

Find out about on this SCN page.

And related:

How to Improve the Performance of the SUP Cache Database techniques and procedures you can follow to improve the performance of the Cache Database, the key runtime component of the SAP Mobile Platform when it comes to running high performance, data rich, mobile apps.  NEW

Additional Resources

The documentation covers this topic in the section 'Performance Tuning and Testing'. (note, if you log-in to this Document Exchange site (DCX), you can post comments for the documentation team and thereby help us finding opportunities for improvements. See we have a YouTube video that explains how that works.)

On SCN, you will find a number of helpful resources on this topic, be it White Papers, How-To Guides or Expert Blogs.

All available White Papers are summarized on this SCN Page.

White Papers addressing performance and sizing in the broader context are:

All available How-To Guides are summarized on this SCN Page.

How-To Guides addressing performance and sizing in the broader context: Examples are: