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SAP Business One Cloud Certification Software Solution Partner (SSP) solutions (B1 Cloud 1.0)

SAP Integration Scenario

The SAP Business One Cloud Solution Certification targets partner solutions complementing SAP Business One Cloud and running in the cloud landscape..

The overall goal is to validate the seamless integration of a Software and Solution Partner (SSP) solution in the SAP Business One Cloud architecture, the implementation and provisioning of the solution according to SAP development standards and guidelines and the stability of the solution running in the cloud landscape.

According to the level of compliance of the solution with the Business One Cloud architecture, the certifications results into 2 levels:

Level 1 Compatible Level – running on cloud

Solutions which run in a Business One Cloud environment, but may require some manual configuration, as well as manual installation & upgrade

Level 2 Compliant Level – full integration

Best adopted SAP Business One Cloud solutions which are fully in compliance with guidelines set forth by SAP development, including automated install/upgrade etc.

The certification ensures a predictable implementation, administration and operation of the partner solution through…

  • Confirmed availability for SAP Business One Cloud.
  • Tested stability for running in the SAP Business One Cloud environment.
  • Documented functional scope in the SAP Business One Cloud environment.
  • Functional differences compared to SAP Business One on Premise are outlined.
  • Compatibility and/or compliance with the SAP Business One Cloud landscape
  • Confirmed development along the SAP standards and guidelines.

Certification Scope

Certification Scope



Multi-tenancy --> The add-on solution and its components are multi tenant enabled. Hence tenant data cannot be accessed by other tenants.



Stability –> The add-on runs stable in the Business One Cloud environment



Functionality –> The functionality of the add-on in the cloud environment is transparent (e.g. functional differences to the add-on running in on Premise mode are listed)



Architecture and Performance –> The solution architecture and the system resource consumption is documented



Standard and guidelines –>The add-on complies with the B1 SDK guidelines and Business One  Cloud Certification Reference Guide



Data Storage 1 –> Only User Defined Tables and Fields (UDT/UDF) allowed in the company DB. No separate SQL tables. Get file system storage via UI/DI APIs.



Data Storage2 –> No separate database.


Lightweight deployment –> fully supported. The add-on allows reduced lifecycle management efforts


Database Access –> The  add-on supports both SBO Managed Authentication and Windows Authentication


Please Note:
Solutions w/o an SAP Business One Cloud certificate may still be available for running in a SAP Business One Cloud environment. The decision on installing and running an add-on in the cloud landscape is taken by the cloud/hosting provider. The cloud/hosting provider may or may not consider hereby the certification status of an SSP solution.

Overall quality assurance remains in the responsibility of the Solution Partner – The program does not guarantee an error free partner solution. Known conflicts with other add-ons will be listed by the solution provider. However, the compatibility with other partner solutions cannot be guaranteed.

Solutions achieving the compatibility status are running in the Business One Cloud environment but require some manual configuration, installation or upgrade activities.

Getting Started

The solution must already bear a valid SAP Business One Add-On solution certification (B1-SDK). Alternatively, you can apply for the B1-SDK certificate in combination with the SAP Business One Cloud solution certification.

Please refer to the Process Map of this certification regarding the phases and main activities. The certification will be conducted by the SAP Integration and Certification Center (ICC).

To apply for the certification please contact your partner manager or contact Kofalt, James or you can send the application form to SAP ICC. Application form link is included at the bottom of this page. After the required steps are completed, a certification contract will be set up.

Technical Documentation

For technical documentation of Business One Cloud 1.0 certification, you shall visit which only SAP partners with an S-user # can access

Test System Recommendation from ICC

In order to test your solution running in the SAP Business One Cloud Environment and to conduct the certification tests itself you need to request a test and certification landscape. The landscape is free of charge and will be available for two weeks. To request such a testing environment, you need to have a valid certification contract. Please contact Forrest Hu for requesting test and certification landscape.

Upon signing the certification contract, our ICC consultant will initiate a kick-off meeting and will send you all necessary documents. Before you start the certification test, you need to complete the Business One Cloud Technical Product Profile and send it to the ICC consultant assigned to you. ICC will schedule a certification test session with you to conduct the actual certification test.

Price List

3,500 Euros per certification (Euro currency is applicable to all countries).The fee for re-certifying a previously certified add-on will be 1,750 Euros per certification (Euro currency applicable to all countries).

To understand all services and benefits included in this fee, please refer to the Getting Started page.

ISVs may also want to subscribe SAP Business One bundle certification, which will enable you to certify multiple add-ons. For details, please refer to SAP Business One  Add-On solution certification.

Benefits of Certification

  • The certified product and company information will be published on SAP Application Development partner directory
  • Increased confidence and acceptance in the solution from prospects and customers, other SAP partners, and SAP regional and local field
  • Participation in SAP Software Testing Lab --> Ensure high quality standards
  • SAP Business One Cloud Certification Logo will help solution partner to represent the solution as a premium product for SAP Business One Cloud.

After successful certification testing the ISV solution can be advertised with the following logo:

Important Links:

SAP Business One - SAP Developer Network on SDN.

Please visit the corresponding SDN forums.

SAP Business One on SAP Partner Edge(SMP login required).

SAP StreamWork Activity --> SAP Business One Cloud SSP Enablement

SAP Training and Help:

Please refer to SAP Education. (Service Marketplace login required, contact your partner manager for user ID)

SAP Business One Certification eLearning Session

ICC Webinar:

You are invited to join our introductory webinars - hosted by the SAP Integration and Certification Center in regular intervals. For a schedule and recordings got to the page "SAP INTEGRATION AND CERTIFICATION WEBINAR SERIES".

Apply for ICC Services right away - please fill in the SAP ICC online application form.

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