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SAP Landscape Transformation replication server

Real-time Data Replication into SAP NetWeaver BW with SAP LT Replication Server


SAP LT Replication Server for SAP NetWeaver BW

The SAP LT Replication Server which is already known to our customers as the real-time data replication solution for SAP HANA, is now tightly integrated with SAP NetWeaver BW, providing trigger-based real-time data replication for BW on any database (according to PAM). Since end of March this functionality is available for customers and we already received a lot of positive feedback and signs of interest from customers.

Here are some important facts:

  • Since Q3/2012 real-time data replication into SAP BW is implemented as “project solution” piloted with several SAP BW customers, now the functionality is generally available.
  • The SAP LT Replication Server offers real-time data recording and replication of data directly into SAP BW
    • At this point in time, we recommend the SLT for BW scenario for simple tables (no join or transformation logic included) and data sources (extractors) without delta mechanism and complex business logic.
  • With the technology of data replication into Persistent Staging Area (PSA) / Web Service Data Source, the SAP LT Replication Server can be used
    by all SAP BW customers - independent from the underlying database
  • Data provisioning is started and administered in the new SAP LT Replication Server Cockpit
  • the RDA Daemon continuously uploads data from PSA into Data Store Objects
  • A mobile app and the functional integration of SLT with SAP Solution Manager allows customers to monitor the replication process anytime and

Refer to the presentation about real-time data replication in SAP NetWeaver BW to learn more about it.

Click through this SpeedDemo to learn more how to setup a configuration for SAP BW! (activate the comments under Arrow -> Settings to read details)