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Behind the Scenes


'Behind the Scenes' (BtS) is a series that gets up close to our special SCN team members, showcasing their professional SCN roles as well as some of their personal interests.

SCN Team Member & Link to BtS Post Role
Krysten GentileCommunity Manager
Catherine LaCroixSenior Content Strategist
Ingvild BayerSenior Content Strategist and Coach
David (Dedi) MetserContent Editor and Production Team Lead
Oxana Noa ZubarevCommunity Coordinator
Jodi FleischmanUI and Graphic Designer
Brian BernardContent Strategist
Marilyn PrattDirector of Community Advocacy SCN
Jeanne CarboniSenior Director of Collaboration
Jason LaxContent Strategist and SEO Lead
Jason Cao'Stone Soup Maker' a.k.a. Community Manager
Pat FlandersDirector, SAP Community Network Content Strategy
Laure CetinCommunity Reputation Manager
Audrey StevensonSenior Editor and Content Strategist SAP