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Frequently Asked Question for Sybase ASE Developer Edition (Windows)

  1. How do I start and stop Sybase ASE server on Windows 7?
  2. I just installed Sybase ASE Developer Edition using typical install option, but not able to bring up Sybase Control Center GUI window in browser even after starting SCC agent. I can see SCC directory in my ASE install- what am I doing wrong?
  3. How do I invoke Sybase Control Center (SCC) in my Windows 7 machine?
  4. What are different JDBC drivers available with Sybase ASE and what are there connection Strings?
  5. I have Windows 7, 64 bit and trying developing PHP application on Sybase ASE Developer Edition- I am consistently getting this error? What is going on? PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: sybaseasephp: Unable to initialize module Module compiled with build ID=API20090626,TS,VC8 PHP compiled with build ID=API20090626,TS,VC9
  6. Is there any free command line SQL tool available which can let me look at tables created inside ASE?
  7. I finished building my departmental application on Java using ASE. Can I deploy my application in production against ASE Developer Edition?
  8. I have 32 bit laptop, can I develop application against Sybase ASE?
  9. My iSQL commands are not executing when I press enter. What am I doing wrong?
  10. What is difference between ASE Developer Edition and ASE Express Linux?
  11. How do I extract DDL, Stored Procedures(SP) and other database scripts from Sybase ASE?


  1. Sybase ASE is installed as a Windows Service. Go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Service. Search for SyabseSQLServer_ and right click,start. Sybase ASE server can be stopped in similar manner.
  2. In current version of Sybase ASE Developer edition, Sybase control central GUI doesn’t get installed when default install option is chosen for ASE. Remedy is to re-install ASE, select custom install and select Sybase ASE control center. This bug will get fixed in upcoming releases
  3. On windows 7, start scc.bat with administrative privilege.Start "cmd" with ctr-shift-enter key. Make sure ASE database  is already running as service.

    SCC webconsole will have your machine IP address with port with 8282 for HTTP or 8283.For example: or

    Default username for Scc is "sccadmin" and password is same as one selected during install process. Most users keep it same as ASE Administrative user.

  4. jTDS and Sybase ASE Enterprise JDBC driver are widely used drivers for Sybase ASE.


    Driver class: net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver

    JDBC URL : jdbc:jtds:sybase://<host>[:<port>][/<database_name>]

    Example: jdbc:jtds:sybase://

    Sybase ASE Driver.

    Driver class: com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybDriver

    JDBC URL: dbc:sybase:Tds:<host>:<port>


    jTDS and Sybase ASE JDBC driver jar file is available at %ASE_INSTALL%\jConnect-7_0 \classes directory

  5. Our PHP module is built on VC8 and requires PHP to also be built on VC8 (msdev 2005). PHP site offers no binaries built on VC8, Most common ones available are on MSDEV2008 (VC9).More details are available here Until Sybase ASE comes out with VC9 version of PHP extension module, please develop PHP application on alternate platform such as Linux. There is CR filed for this, and fix available soon.
  6. %ASE_INSTALL%\OCS-15_0\bin  directory, there is isql executable tool which can be used to execute ASE proprietary Transact SQL or send direct SQL statement  . More information can be found here
  7. No, Developer Edition is only available for development use. To use ASE in production, please contact sales to buy suitable license
  8. Unfortunately, No. Sybase ASE Developer Edition supports only 64 bit hardware platform across all operating system-both client and server side
  9. By default, commands in  iSQL are delimited by word “go” instead of semi-colon. For example: 1>use pubs2 2>go 3>select * from authors where city="Oakland" 4>go
  10. ASE Express Edition is limited to 1 server engine, 2 Gb of memory and 5 Gb of disk space per server on LINUX only, the great thing is that this edition is free for production purposes! (note: these limits apply to an individual ASE server instance, NOT to the hardware itself -- if you want, you can run multiple ASE Express Edition servers on a multi-CPU Linux box). Developer Edition can only be used for development, never for production
  11. Sybase sp_help stored procedure reports information about database object. More details can be found here To extract information, look into the ddlgen utility included with sybase, ususally found in the Sybase Central directory, or the $SYBASE/ASEP/bin. This should be able to generate scripts to create all of the database objects including user-defined datatypes (UDD), indexes, stored procedures, etc

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