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WKS: Selection profile for today


If you want to make a selection for TODAY (starting 00:00:00 ending 23:59:59) this can easily be done with a the following setup in the time related selection attributes:

The most important part is to define Round Horizon to full days. If you define this you also need to define the time zone you are referring to which is than used for rounding.

The entry in the "Pick-Up" chapter defines the selection for the Pickup-side of a Freight Unit or Freight Document.

The Pick-Up in days defines the duration of the selection. In our case the duration is zero.

The offset defines when this selection horizon starts, in our case 1:00 from now, could also be zero.

Lets assume we are at 9:00 am and use this profile.

What happens is the following:

First the offset is considered, which is 1:00 in our example and leads to 10:00 as start time of the selection.

From there the end of the horizon is calculated, since the duration is 0:00 the end is also at 10:00 .

Both sides are now rounded using the time zone.

So the start would be the 00:00:00 today and the end is 23:59:59 today, both referring to the CET time zone.

This now means that the all Freight Units / Freight Orders/ Trailer Docs/ Freight Bookings will be selected which start time is within this horizon, so basically everything which goes out today.

You can do something similar for the delivery side. and define how to combine both.

If you e.g. want to select everything going out OR coming in today it could look like this:

If you want to select everything which is completely handled today, you would need to set the Combination of Pickup and Delivery to AND.