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SAP Screen Personas 2.0 - How to execute a transaction and display the result


Note: This article is about SAP Screen Personas 2.0. If you are looking for more information about SAP Screen Personas 3.0, please go to the SAP Screen Personas 3.0 Portal.

After the webinar "Streamline the Order-To-Cash process with SAP Screen Personas", we received a question about how to execute a complete transaction and just show the final status to the end-user. In the webinar we have used our flavor of the "Create Sales Order" transaction VA01 to create a simple sales order on one screen. To do so, we have added some additional input fields on the first screen of VA01 and then ran a script that executed the 2nd screen without showing it but displayed the status message from the 2nd screen on the 1st screen.

For this how to, we used a simpler scenario: Creating a notification without leaving the SAP Easy Access screen (SMEN). The actions used to achieve this can of course be reused with any other transaction or scenario.


  1. start script recording
  2. navigate to the "Create Notification" transaction IW21
  3. enter demo data
    1. Notification type "M1"
    2. Press Enter
    3. Description: "Just a demo"
    4. Push the save button
  4. (trick) click on the status bar so that a click action is added to the script which we can modify later
  5. navigate back to the SAP Easy Access Menu screen (SMEN)
  6. stop recording and temporarily store the script
  7. create a copy of Basic View
  8. do some basic editing
    1. remove the tree and the splitter container
    2. add a group box
  9. add a label that is used to show the status
  10. create a script button and upload the script that you have recorded
  11. convert the click action into copy value actions (assign a meaningful name e.g. status)
  12. add a paste value action at the end of the script and map it to the previously added label
  13. (important) add a refresh screen action right before the copy value action (this is needed because copy value is executed on client-side and refresh screen returns the current state of the screen from the server)
  14. close the dialog
  15. save and exit
  16. test!

As usual, if you want to learn more or discuss anything related to how to make your SAP GUI screens more functional using SAP Screen Personas, please start a discussion in the SAP GUI space on SCN.