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SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Process Oriented Storage Contol- POSC- Inbound Packing


The documents provides summary on POSC for simple Inbound scenario. The reader should be aware of POSC approach and familiar with EWM 110/100 courses.

Below is the brief process description:

  1. The Product: “SB-POLC-01” arrives at Warehouse Door: “DE01”.
  2. This Product is moved to staging area = “Staging Bay - T910 section - S001 Staging Bin -- GR-ZONE”.
  3. The product is further moved to packing work center (Storage - TPK1 , Section- TPKK, and Bin TPK1_PACKING_001).
  4. The Handling Unit created in Step 1 from delivery is completed in Packing work center and finally put away to Final Bin (Dest. Stor. Type T050, Section S001, Bin-T050-001) ( POSC works with HU so we will have to pack the products in Inbound delivery.)

Note: Step 2 and Step 3 are automated (The WT’s are created and confirmed automatically).

In System:

1.   1. Create a Purchase order: The PO is created for vendor SB-VENDOR in Plant- 10EW with Storage location – EROD (ready on dock). The confirmation control key is mentioned to create inbound deliveries.  ME21N(01)

  2. 2. Create inbound delivery with reference to above purchase order. The ECC warehouse number “ZWM” is selected which is connected to SAP EWM warehouse EWEW.


The delivery is saved and at the same time this is distributed to EWM system:


3.     3.  The ECC inbound delivery is replicated to EWM system The inbound delivery is created automatically from inbound delivery notification using PPF actions ( Based on settings).

The information on warehouse door, Staging Bay and Goods Movement Bin are determined a and recorded in item level in Inbound delivery in EWM :


4.       As Process oriented storage control  (POSC) works only with the handling unit. The Inbound delivery item should be packed in HU. In this case item is packed in EWM manually, however automatic packing in EWM or packing in ECC which is later replicated to EWM should  also be possible.

System will direct to below packing screen. Enter the pack material and press execute button.

The HU will be created as below

Drag and drop the item marked in Green  in this HU

The item will come under HU. Save your changes.

Double click on HU. The storage process POL2 is identified and copied to HU. Go back to Delivery processing by pressing back button.

The same HU information can also be seen in Inbound delivery under HU Tab

Check the Warehouse Monitor Tx: /scem/mon: Till now there are no Warehouse Tasks (WT’s).

Result: Delivery is created in EWM system and the items are packed in ( dummy HU). The HU has information on storage control process.

5.  The next process is to move this HU to the Packing center for process like Check or Closure or Repack.

      Create the Warehouse Task from Delivery with below option

Under Handling unit Task below information is displayed. Press Create button.

The stock is moving from Source Bin( Storage-  T930 DOP1 DOOR_POLC001 ) to Destination  (Dest. Stor. Bin    T910 S001 GR-ZONE).

The HU Task status is Green now.

On saving it created two warehouse tasks.


If the Unloading is confirmed in Inbound delivery in EWM by clicking the Unload button than the same warehouse tasks ( 3) in number will be created. ( as per the storage control setting in customizing).

The warehouse monitor shows the below tasks : One more task is created but this is in waiting status "B".

The warehouse task 1000001662 with status “B”, is in waiting status and is final warehouse task to destination storage (final bin – T050-001).

The warehouse task 1000001663 – Moves the product from Door (  T930 DOP1 DOOR_POLC001 ) to GR-ZONE  (Dest. Stor. Bin    T910 S001 GR-ZONE).

The warehouse task 1000001664 – Moves the product from GR-ZONE   to Packing work center TPK1_PACKING_001 (Storage type - T910).

The Task  1000001663 & 1000001664 are auto confirmed.

Now the Handling unit is in Packing work center. We need to take some action in packing work center.

6.       The packing work center can be accessed with transaction: /n/scwm/pack. Enter the packing work center as below. Execute

The HU can be seen in packing work center as below. This HU can be repacked into another HU. However it’s important to close this HU ( which is the way to inform system and business that no more operation on HU is required), by clicking the close button in Work center for this HU and saving .

When the HU is closed the warehouse task (To Final Bin is opened- The status is changed from B to blank) is open for further movement.

Check the warehouse task in Monitor.

This warehouse task can be confirmed as usual to move the product to final Bin.

Result: The product is moved to final bin through the packing work center.

Important Customization:

SPRO: EWM> Cross Process settings>Warehouse Tasks> Process Oriented settings

Process Oriented Storage Steps:

The three moves as represented by external process  steps:

The below setting is only


REFER Number 5 step above:

Removed the Warehouse Process type – P360 from above and then created the warehouse task. The ware house task 1000001667 to move the product from GR-ZONE to packing center has Original Warehouse Process type. (However in original document which is shown above the Warehouse task 1000001663 has the Warehouse Process type P360 from above configuration. This WPT P360 could be more relevant during rule based determination… 

No deviation observed during the process.

Storage control:

Warehouse Process Type:

Staging Area: SPRO>EWM>Master data> Staging areas

Door: SPRO>EWM>Master data>Warehouse door

In transaction /scwm/stadet_in, Maintain the entry for Warehouse Process type to  determine the door and staging area.


Staging Area as storage type defined in Master data:

Work Center:

a)      Storage type with Role E : SPRO>EWM>Master data>Storage type

SPRO>EWM>Master data>Work Center


The Warehouse Process type P340 in Workcenter will be used for Repacking purpose. Its assigned to internal movements.

Its important to to set the External Step as IPK1.