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Overview of SAP Developer Center


What is SAP Developer Center?

SAP Community Network (SCN) is a place to gain and share knowledge and expertise on SAP technology, engage and collaborate with peers, and build your reputation as an SAP professional.

The SAP Developer Center, as part of SCN, is a one-stop shop for all developers to learn, try, develop and share their experiences on new technologies, tools and SAP products. The site offers trial licenses and developer licenses to download for free, as well as a hosted environment. Step-by-step guides with code samples and demos support developers while providing them hands-on experience with SAP technologies. There are also discussion forums moderated by topic experts if developers have questions or face specific issues.

The SAP Developer Center was initially introduced as the HANA Developer Center at TechEd Bangalore in 2011. As the number of visitors has grown, the site itself has also grown to support more technologies and tools. In addition to the HANA Developer Center, there are now learning materials and free resources for the Cloud Platform, the Mobile Platform, as well as an area for developer tools and SDKs. We will soon be providing similar resources for SAP’s on-premise platform.

Watch the welcome video by Anne Hardy, SAP VP of Developer Programs, see the list of Developer Center spaces on SCN, and learn about developer-centered events.

Welcome Video

Developer Center Spaces on SCN

Developer Center spaces offer trial downloads, beginner and advanced learning materials, and ways to collaborate. In many cases there are related spaces on SAP Community Network that extend the audience and/or breadth of topics covered, as mapped out below.

Developer Center/DescriptionRelated Spaces on SCN

SAP HANA Developer Center

With SAP HANA you get the power to develop In-Memory apps that analyze massive volumes of data in real-time.

The offers a comprehensive set of technical resources, support, and access to hosted HANA sandbox systems - providing developers with everything they need to develop creative applications on HANA. Please note that the HANA sandbox system in CloudShare is for 30-day test and trial access only. SAP, today, also offers a free HANA developer license that you can use to develop your HANA application.

SAP HANA and In-Memory Computing

SAP Mobile Platform Developer Center

Using a fully integrated SAP Mobile platform, you can create a wide variety of mobile apps across devices and platforms.

The SAP Mobile Platform Developer Center (formerly known as the Sybase Unwired Platform or "SUP" Developer Center) offers a comprehensive set of technical resources, support, and access to your personal SUP server and development environment together with a shared SAP ERP backend as a data source, providing developers with everything they need to develop creative applications on SUP.

SAP for Mobile

SAP HANA Cloud Platform Developer Center

SAP HANA Cloud Platform is an open, standards-based and modular Platform as a Service for rapid development of on-demand applications.

Visit the and get your free SAP HANA Cloud Platform Developer Edition.

UI Development Toolkit for HTML5 Developer Center

The UI Development toolkit for HTML5 supports application developers in creating quick and easy UIs based on HTML5 and JavaScript.

Download the Evaluation Package in the .

SAP NetWeaver Gateway Developer Center

SAP NetWeaver Gateway is a technology that provides a simple way to connect devices, environments and platforms to SAP software. The framework enables development of innovative people centric solutions bringing the power of SAP business software into new experiences such as social and collaboration environments, mobile and tablet devices and rich internet applications.

Get your prepackaged Gateway test and evaluation version in the .

ABAP Platform Developer Center

When you program with ABAP on the application server, you profit from a range of services, which in other languages would have to be programmed manually. Get a basic understanding of the architecture of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP and its strengths such as development on a central server or integrated software logistics (SAP Change and Transport system). And, of course, learn about the basic tools of the ABAP development environment and ABAP itself as a language.

Select and download a version of SAP NetWeaver ABAP Trial Version and access learning materials in the .

SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration Developer Center

Find developer resources for on-premise Java development at SAP and learn how to create, implement, integrate, and monitor custom process-based applications in the .

Process Orchestration

Business Process Management and Composition

Business Rules Management

SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Developer Center

Develop using the relational database that provides high levels of operational efficiency and throughput. You can learn, download, and try SAP Sybase ASE in the .

SAP SAP Sybase ASE Custom Applications

SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere Developer Center

Learn about a comprehensive suite of solutions that provides data management, synchronization and data exchange technologies that enable the rapid development and deployment of database-powered applications in remote and mobile environments.

Get SQL Anywhere 12 from the SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere Developer Center

SAP Sybase IQ Developer Center

Build big-data analytics solutions with the market leader. SAP Sybase IQ is an open, cost-effective, optimized and scalable analytics RDMS that runs on most hardware and OS configurations.

Get your free Developer's Edition in the .

SAP Sybase PowerBuilder Developer Center

PowerBuilder provides a comprehensive development environment to build, maintain and modernize a wide class of business-critical enterprise applications, which combine database access with a highly productive graphical user interface (GUI).

Visit the to get the 45-day limited trial PowerBuilder 12.5 Evaluation.

SAP Sybase ESP Developer Center

SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor (ESP) is a high-performance complex event processing platform designed to make it easy for developers to implement continuous intelligence solutions. The SAP Sybase ESP platform consists of a high performance complex event processing (CEP) engine, a Studio for rapid application development, and a range of integration tools including adapters and SDKs.

Get the 30-day evaluation in the .

SAP 3D Visual Enterprise

The purpose of the SAP 3D Visual Enterprise applications SDK is to support incorporation of interactive 3D viewing in Applications on suitable mobile and desktop devices. This SDK is used to render and interact with 3D files in .VDS (Visual Design Stream) format. It requires OpenGL ES2 on Android and iOS and OpenGL 2.0 on Windows. SDK is written in C/C++ and is distributed as a set of headers and libraries.

Download the SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Application SDK in the SAP 3D Visual Enterprise applications SDK 1.4.

Cross-Technology Developer Center

Find tutorials on how to implement cross-technology scenarios using a combination of SAP technology products for mobile, cloud and data.

Get started!

Developer Events

- SAP InnoJam is 30 hours of hands-on experience on SAP's coolest and newest innovative technologies with on-site SAP domain experts: learn about SAP technologies, collaborate and co-innovate with fellow SAP enthusiasts, develop prototypes of solutions to real business cases and compete for a chance to win a spot at Demo Jam during .

SAP CodeJam - SAP CodeJam is a 5 to 6 hour hands-on coding and networking event where attendees share their knowledge and collaboratively develop with SAP technologies, platforms, and tools in a fun and casual environment. The events are developer community focused, supported by SAP, and explore technologies available through the Developer Center such as SAP HANA, Mobile, and Cloud.

Find an attend a CodeJam near you, or learn how to host one in your city.

See more SAP events.