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SAP Transportation Management

WKS: How To Avoid Message Flooding


We as developers tent to try to try to give a lot of information to end users. This  specifically true  with messages.

So your UI could look like this after you just entered a truck in the freight order:

This can be helpfull in the setup phase, but would annoy people in their daily work.

Normally the end user would not need any message if everything went well, so it should look like this:

You can have both.

The definition of what level of detail a user sees is done in the customizing, either for a role or a specific user:

If you want to see only most important messages you could restrict it e.g. like this:

If you enter a Message detail level of 9 and Message severity "All Messages" you would see all messages raised by the system, also the information messages.

If nothing is maintained specifically the  Message detail level is set to 2 and Message Severity to "Error Only", so pretty restrictive to avoid message flooding.

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