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SAP Profitability and Cost Management

Announcing the release of PCM 10.0 SP06

Dear PCM community,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the General Availability of SAP Profitability and Cost Management 10.0 (SAP PCM), Support Package 6. SAP PCM is part of the enterprise performance management (EPM) suite. Our cost calculation and profitability analysis software can help automate detailed and accurate profitability calculation by Customer, Product, Service, Market – for faster month end reporting, better resources allocation and improved margins.

Key benefits of Profitability and Cost Management 10.0, Service Pack 6:

  • Enhanced reports formatting

The capacity to modify the format of PCM multi-dimensional grids has been increased to allow Model builders and Book builders to customize grid cells with additional colors and fonts. This feature significantly improves the ability to define the style of different cells types (including headers that were using the default system grey color). This results in reports that better fit the customer’s visual identity guidelines and advanced formatting requirements.

The following types of grid cells are eligible to grid styling - font and font type (bold, italic…), foreground and backroung colors: Totals, Read-Only values, Editable values, Grid Formulas, Focused and Unfocused cells, Grid headers (fill, highlight, shadows), grid borders and back color. This capacity is controlled by a new security descriptor.

The styling subsystem allows for definition of multiple styles, that can be carried through XML export/import and programmatically modified through use of the 'GridStyles' property of a DataManager component. Grids and reports displayed in the Win32 Book viewer, in a web browser, or in PDF documents use consistent visual styling.

  • Advanced Rules Manager

A new screen allows Model builders to view and debug all existing rules in the current model. It is possible to define the context in which tests are run to let the user define on what dimension items the rule should be executed in test mode. The new screen displays the calculated values and the time taken to run the rule currently being examined. This will help troubleshoot bottlenecks in models with complex rules in order to optimize model calculation time and grids display time.

  • Various usability and performance enhancements

·        Styles defined on “Replace With Keys” items in the grid are now preserved and will cascade correctly.

·        Within the view builder the initial size of the drop-down area for the trees in the pivot bar has been increased

·        A menu item to “Remove Duplicates” is now visible in the BOM Makeup screen without need to set a registry key.

·        Several minor speed ups for getting books and data from the web server.

·        Faster ‘HasRule’ implementation – which will speed up expansion of large hierarchies in the dimension screens.

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