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SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization

Product Availability Check


The product availability check is carried out based on the ATP quantity (Available-To-Promise). The ATP quantity is calculated from stock, planned receipts (production orders, purchase orders, planned orders and so on), and planned requirements (sales orders, deliveries, reservations and so on). The system dynamically checks stock and planned goods movements - either with or without using the checking horizon – according to the operation for this type of availability check.


When entering sales orders, you can only confirm the delivery of the goods on the delivery date if they are available for all processing activities preceding the delivery.

  • For shipping activities, this means that the shipping department or a different transportation firm must be contacted early enough to ensure an adequate amount of time for packing and loading. You can execute availability checks up until the time that the goods must be prepared for shipping.
  • For procurement activities, this means that production or sales must be promptly notified about insufficient stock in order to resolve the shortage (that is, so that the goods can be produced or ordered). Information about the required products is sent to transportation planning in the form of requirements. Requirements thereby represent planned issues. Production is informed that goods must be produced by this requirements notification. Sales is also perhaps notified that goods need to be purchased, which means that purchase orders must be created and sent to the suppliers.

Example Creation

ERP settings

Define requirement class

Define requirement type

Define strategy Group

Define strategy

Maintain Business event

Assign Business transaction to sales order type

Check Control setting

Availability check control

Master data creation in ERP:

Create material(MM01),Plant(EC01),customer(XD01)

Follow the setting for material as below:

In MRP3 view maintain the strategy, availability check,also in MRP 2 view maintain the planning days,inhouse production days,GR daysetc…

CIF the setting to SCM by creating the integration model for the same

Note:ATP check and ATP Cust should be Ciffed to trigger the check from sales order in ERP

APO settings

In general setting of APO node in SPRO

Maintain Global settings:

Change ATP Buckets

Maintain Check Mode

Maintain check instructions

Maintain ATP group

Maintain check control

Create sales order (VA01) in ERP system and post stock(MB1C)

Sales order will trigger ATP check from ERP where 100 is the stock available which is confirmed and remaining quantity  is fulfilled on a different date

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