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SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards

Step by step way to create parent child dashboard in BI 4.0 using flash variable

Three main points to explain the concept are:-

1)We create flash variable CELogonToken in parent to store the value of CELogon token that is coming from BOE and then it is passed to the child so that user is not prompted for credentials while opening the child dashboard as same token is passed to the child dashboard.

2)If we want to pass a prompt value from parent to child then we define the flash variable in child.(say the child has qaaws connection with prompt as year then create a flash variable in child).

3)We use  document download url in which we use & as a separator

Steps to create parent child dashboard using swf loader:-

1)Create a child dashboard and save it to platform.

2) Note its idocid say  AZYt7.dTw65FjQYlRLeb9lw in CMC

3)Create a parent dashboard then inside it create a flash variable CELogonToken and  variable format should be csv.

4) Map the range for the CELogonToken to A1 cell.The name of the range must be CELogonToken

5) In A2 cell write a formula  as below


6)Now take the SWF loader component in parent dashboard and map it to A2 as this will load the child dashboard.Go to general tab for SWF loader and select application domain option as new.

7) Export the parent dashboard to platform.

8)View the parent dashboard in BILaunchpad or CMC.

CELogonToken.png (87731 B)