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SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise

Getting Started with SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE)



SAP Sybase ASE is a highly optimized relational database management system for mission critical transactional processing and operational reporting.  It delivers high performance at a low total cost of ownership (TCO) and is designed to run on any standard hardware and operating system. This document provides an overview of the setup for database installation and administration of an SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE)  database. The aim is to help in getting started as quickly as possible by providing concise information and links to further details. To successfully install and configure SAP Sybase ASE, use the configuration guide along with the installation guide.

Configuration Guide

The configuration guide provides instructions for: 

  • Reconfiguring certain attributes of your existing SAP Sybase ASE installation, Backup Server, SAP Sybase ASE  Monitor and XP Server to meet specific needs.
  • Creating network connections.                           
  • Configuring optional functionality.                           
  • Performing operating system administrative tasks.

Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.7 for Unix

Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.7 for Windows

Installation Guide

The SAP Sybase ASE installation guide explains how to unload the software from the distribution media to the hard disk, and perform the minimal set of additional tasks so that SAP Sybase ASE can be started on the previously decided machine.

Visit SyBooks Online and click on the platform-specific installation guide. For example, Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.7 for Linux.

Installation Workflows

Workflows define a complete path for planning, installing, and upgrading ASE. It is essential to choose the workflow that best describes the user’s scenario. Whether the plan is to install or upgrade SAP Sybase ASE:                           

  • Identify the components and options to install or upgrade.                   
  • Obtain a license. Installing SAP Sybase ASE for the First Time
  • Plan your installation and review system requirements.
  • Install SAP Sybase ASE.
  • Perform post installation tasks.

SAP Sybase ASE Editions

SAP offers various editions of Adaptive Server Enterprise:

  • Enterprise Edition – has no limit on scalability and can run all available options that can be purchased separately.                             
  • Small Business Edition – has limited scalability and does not have options that can be purchased separately.                             
  • Developer Edition – has limited scalability and includes many of the options that are included in the Enterprise Edition.   
  • Express Edition - has limited scalability and does not have options that can be purchased separately. 
  • The Express Edition is available on Linux x86, Linux x64 and Linux OpenPower.                         

See the SAP Sybase Software Asset Management Users Guide for information about unlocking editions and optional features. 

SAP Sybase ASE Options

SAP offers various optional features for Adaptive Server:

  • Data compression: Enables the use of less storage space for the same amount of data, reduces cache memory consumption and improves performance with lower I/O demands by compressing regular and large object data.
  • Security and directory services: Provides lightweight directory services and network-based authentication and encryption using SSL and Kerberos.
  • Partitions: Enables semantic partitioning for table row data.
  • Encrypted columns: Increases security parameters and allows for addition of data types.
  • Tivoli Storage Manager: Enables the database to back up and restore operations to IBM Tivoli Storage Manager.
  • In-memory database: Provides zero-disk-footprint in-memory database support that is fully integrated with SAP Sybase ASE for high-performance transactional applications. Relaxed durability properties provide performance enhancements to disk-resident databases.
  • SAP Sybase ASE editions and optional features are unlocked by SySAM licenses. See the SAP Sybase Software Asset Management Users Guide.

SAP Sybase ASE Licensing Options

SAP offers a stand-alone and run-time license for SAP Sybase ASE Enterprise Edition. To use ASE with a stand-alone license, a request has to be sent in to obtain licenses for the same ASE options as included in the run-time license in order to stay compliant.  The runtime license includes ASE options that are required for running the SAP Business Suite. The runtime license comes at an extremely favorable cost: the fee is 8% of the SAP application value (SAV). The SAP Sybase ASE installer automatically installs a SySAM license server if you choose the full installation option or enter a served license when prompted for the SySAM license key. You can also install the license server using the installer's custom installation option.

See the SAP Sybase Software Asset Management Users Guide to generate licenses.

Understanding License Generation

When you purchase SySAM 2–enabled SAP database products, you must generate, download, and deploy SySAM product licenses.

If you purchased your product from SAP-Sybase or an authorized SAP-Sybase reseller, go to the secure Sybase Product Download Center (SPDC) and log in to generate license keys. The license generation process may vary slightly, depending on whether you ordered directly from SAP-Sybase or from a SAP-Sybase reseller.

When you purchase SySAM2-licensed products from a SAP-Sybase reseller, your product package may include a Web key certificate that contains the location of the SPDC Web key login page and the activation string to use for the login name.

If you ordered your product under an SAP contract and were directed to download from SAP Service Marketplace (SMP), you can use SMP to generate license keys for Sybase products that use SySAM 2-based licenses. For further details on licensing and other information, please refer to the ASE installation guide

Managing ASE with SAP Control Center

SAP Control Center (SCC) provides a single, comprehensive, Web administration console for real-time performance, status, and availability monitoring of large-scale Sybase enterprise servers. SCC combines a modular architecture, a rich client administrative console, agents, common services, and tools for managing and controlling SAP products. It includes historical monitoring, threshold-based alerts and notifications, alert-based script execution, and intelligent tools for identifying performance and usage trends.

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